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[News] Canonical to Open a Ubuntu Store

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Canonical Unveils The Ubuntu Software Store

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, those are the plans at least. As you can see from the screenshots, 
| right now the Ubuntu Software Store is quite basic and really does not 
| deliver anything new to the Ubuntu package management stack besides a 
| simplified user-interface. The main screen provides icons for different areas 
| (Accessories, Education, Internet, Office, etc...) while there are basic 
| search capabilities, a list view when looking at packages in a specific area 
| or the search results, and then a basic individual package view. Obviously, 
| there is a whole lot of work left to be done before Ubuntu 9.10 rolls around 
| and even more is ahead for future releases. Look for the Ubuntu Software 
| Store to appear in Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 5.         


Canonical at VMWorld 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Next week (31 August through 3 September) VMorld 2009 kicks off in San 
| Francisco at the Moscone Center. For the second year, Canonical has a booth 
| to demonstrate Ubuntuâs virtualization and cloud computing capabilities.  



Canonical Landscape May Target Ubuntu Linux VARs

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical also continues to build its channel partner network â formulating
| close relationships with training centers that specialize in Ubuntu Server
| Edition and Desktop Edition.
| Meanwhile, Linux rivals arenât resting on their laurels. Red Hat this week
| announced channel partner specializations focused on infrastructure (Linux),
| middleware (JBoss) and virtualization. And Novell is enhancing its ISV
| (independent software vendor) relations with new SUSE Linux appliances.

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