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[News] US Courts Surrender to Free Software Access to PACER

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Official Word from US Courts -- Feel Free to Use RECAP With Our Blessing

,----[ Quote ]
| I got a call this afternoon from Michel Ishakian, the Deputy Chief for IT 
| Policy and Budget at the Administrative Office of the United States courts.  
| She assured me that they have no problem with counsel using RECAP (discussed 
| here) and that the language sent out by the Northern District of Georgia (see 
| my update to my previous post) is the only language that she disseminated for 
| publication.     


Unlike them:

Publishers File Suit Against Lyric Sites 

,----[ Quote ]
| Peermusic, Warner/Chappell and Bug Music filed copyright infringement 
| lawsuits today against two businesses exploiting unlicensed lyrics for profit 
| through their operation of four Web sites.  



Stephen Fry on copyright

,----[ Quote ]
| At an event in London last night, the writer, actor, and gadget fan Stephen
| Fry launched a surprisingly ferocious attack on the music and movie
| industries over the way they have acted to defend their copyright.


Richard Marx (!) attacks RIAA after $1.92M Thomas verdict

,----[ Quote ]
| Jammie Thomas-Rasset was held liable to sharing 24 songs, including one by
| pop crooner Richard Marx. But the lawsuit wasn't done in Marx's nameâthis
| week, he called out the recording industry's "greedy actions."


Moby: The RIAA Needs to be Disbanded

,----[ Quote ]
| The two million dollar fine handed out to Jammie Thomas by a Minnesota jury
| this week hasnât done the music industryâs image much good. While lawyers and
| high level managers at the major labels cracked open the Champagne, artists
| such as Moby and Radiohead shook their heads in shame at what the music world
| has become.


Morrissey tells fans to boycott new box set reissues

,----[ Quote ]
| The former Smiths singer claimed in a statement issued to fan site
| True-to-you.net, which he often communicates through, that he wouldn't
| receive any money from the reissues, released on November 2, and that he was
| not asked for approval for their release.

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