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[News] Opinion: Linux Phones Should Be Made Free (Gratis, Initially)

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Why Sprint Should Be Giving Away The Palm Pre For Free

,----[ Quote ]
| There was plenty of hype around the launch of the Palm Pre, which by all 
| accounts is a pretty damn good phone (I've played around with it, and like 
| it). However, Palm and Sprint made two huge mistakes in marketing it. First, 
| they didn't have a really well-developed developer community building apps 
| for it, so the app store is pretty weak. Apple did this with the iPhone when 
| it launched (and we dinged them at the time as well), but Apple got away with 
| it for two reasons: Apple is leading the field in such smartphones, and it's 
| Apple, who seems able to bring developers to the table with cultish 
| enthusiasm and loyalty. 


Nokia's First Linux Phone Looks Good

,----[ Quote ]
| After several unofficial leaks, Nokia on Thursday officially unveiled the 
| N900, the company's first Linux phone. It's a good first step to rejuvenate 
| Nokia's smartphone line, but will the N900 have what it takes to go 
| head-to-head with the iPhone and Android Phones?   



The new Nokia N900

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia today marked the next phase in the evolution of Maemo software with the
| new Nokia N900. Taking its cues from the world of desktop computing, the open
| source, Linux-based Maemo software delivers a PC-like experience on a
| handset-sized device


Nokia unveils its first Linux phone

,----[ Quote ]
| The world's largest handset maker, Nokia unveiled on Thursday its first phone
| running on Linux software, aiming at improving its offering at the top end of
| the market.
| The focus of cell phone business has shifted to services and software
| following Apple and Google's entrances to the market in the last two years.

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