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[News] Free Software Helps Savings, But Not All About Cost

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IT, a key business enabler in the downturn

,----[ Quote ]
| As a pioneer in the development and use of Free and Open Source Software 
| (FOSS), we are a strong contributor to the Open Source movement, and have 
| been utilising Open Source widely to provide our clients with more optimal 
| solutions.   
| We have a proven track record in contributing to the Open Source R&D, 
| including significant contributions to projects such as Apache Web Services, 
| OpenBRR, and Sahana Disaster Management project. Our support to projects such 
| as Sahana has been part of our sustainability initiatives, which focus on 
| making an impact in humanitarian and educational areas thereby helping to 
| create a more digitally-inclusive society.     
| Internally, we have developed solutions based on Open Source software 
| including a custom-built software configuration management solution. We were 
| able to save significant costs on licensing fee and acquisition costs, by 
| adopting the Open Source software for developing the solution.    


Open source: More than just a cheap date

,----[ Quote ]
| It's not surprising that enterprise IT would be looking to lighten its 
| software cost burden. Proprietary software vendors derive an ever-growing 
| chunk of their revenue from software maintenance fees, a "boondoggle" for 
| vendors, according to CMS Watch, which fattens vendor coffers while providing 
| minimal value to customers.    



Open source software might be cheaper than alternatives, but it has many other
business benefits, too.

,----[ Quote ]
| It is often said that open source software wins because it is cheaper.
| However, the bigger factor in the success of open source software in industry
| has been performance.
| [...]
| Here's our top ten reasons to consider using open source and Linux in your
| business.

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