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Re: Microsoft's secret 'screw Google' meetings in D.C.

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____/ nessuno on Friday 28 August 2009 22:35 : \____

> <Quote>
> activities such as astroturfing, corporate propaganda, and
> misinformation. Media reports have hinted at a "whisper campaign"
> undertaken by entities acting at Microsoft's behest to undermine
> Google, both with policymakers and the public.
> </Quote>

Does this surprise anyone? "Microsoft" is a shell for organised crime. Can the
DOJ do something on the matter or has Microsoft corrupted the DOJ too? Of
course it has.

The Plot to Kill Google


[by Fred Vogelstein, whom Microsoft spies on:]

Microsoft Sends Secret Dossier on Reporter, to Reporter

Also see:

The Google Plan


Goog The Underdog?

,----[ Quote ]
| The massive machinery of the tech business is mobilizing against a common 
| adversary. That's right, in spite of all it's done to transform our world and 
| define free, open digital space, nobody in the business seems to like the 
| Goog (GOOG). In fact, the operators of the Death Star in Redmond (MSFT) have 
| reportedly taken the point on a new "screw Google" strategy that they are 
| rolling out in Washington.     


Damn, those "Microsoft haters". I bet Ballmer is throwing another chair right
now, having promise to bury the "pussy" (Schmidt) in vain.

Also see (about LawMedia):

Corn Farmers Against Google?

,----[ Quote ]
| Only if they're planting in AstroTurf
| [...]
| How do you know the organization, and the op-ed, weren't created by LawMedia
| Group at the behest of some well-funded clients? If they did their jobs
| right, you don't know.
| Some of them have left digital fingerprints here and there, though, says
| Declan McCullagh, in a blockbuster of a report exposing the intellectual
| whoredom offered for various important issues. Shortly after Microsoft hired
| LawMedia, for example, legislators, national agencies, and news outlets
| received pointed complaints from coalitions of farmers, rural voters, and
| geeky Latinos about how Google's advertising deal with Yahoo would wreck
| everything.
| [...]
| Don't call them a PR firm or a lobbying firm though, Law Media â which has a
| ton of lawyers working for them tooâis a "public affairs firm" specializing
| in producing "remarkable coalitions" for anything one might need a coalition
| for.


These people should be in exile or in a prison. They are an enemy to the nation
they are in.

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