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[News] Google's Entry Into GNU/Linux Desktop Still Due

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Google's Curious Chrome Gambit

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has long insisted that Android is not just for smartphones, that it's 
| an able-bodied OS for netbooks as well. Strange, then, that it's also 
| promoting a newcomer OS, Chrome, for use in netbook computers. Does Google 
| have a clever strategy up its sleeve, or is it just throwing OSes at the wall 
| to see what sticks?    



Google Chrome OS Could Be Pivotal in the Cloud Revolution

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Chrome OS is arriving just in time to take advantage of the perfect
| storm of cloud services, cheap hardware, and a new generation of
| platform-agnostic users. Unlike other Linux-based OSs, Chrome has brand
| recognition that even the biggest neophyte could get comfortable with.


Are these the first images of Google Chrome OS?

,----[ Quote ]
| An anonymous tipster sent the following images to us this morning, claiming
| they are actual images of Chrome OS. We can't say much for certain at this
| point, so pass judgment yourselves in the comments.


CHROME OS â First look?

,----[ Quote ]
| I wonder if Google will disguise their OS, put it on specs of their choosing
| and âtestâ members of the public? I wouldnât have thought so, Google has
| a âclean slateâ when it comes to OSâs.
| This could be the making of Google as an OS developer, but whatever it turns
| out to be, its another choice for users and that can only be a good thing.


[Wild Conjecture] Chrome OS as I imagine it

,----[ Quote ]
| Myself, I donât think Iâd use it either, Iâm too much in love with my KDE
| setup right now. But it was just technically stimulating to try to visualize
| how the PhDs in Google would strategize something like this.


The Android OS comes to the PC

,----[ Quote ]
| GOOGLE'S MOBILE PHONE operating system called Android has come to the PC in a
| LiveCD version.
| A couple of blokes have recompiled the OS so it's capable of running on a
| common x86 platform. This is just in time to see what Android is really like,
| before Acer, Asus, MSI and others officially release their netbooks with the
| operating system preloaded on them.

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