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Re: [News] Vista 7 Sins in the Boston Press

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____/ Homer on Sunday 06 Sep 2009 20:32 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Goblin spake thusly:
>> DFS wrote:
>>> amicus_curious wrote:
>>>> "Chris Ahlstrom" <ahlstromc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>> news:h7e1u4$7cq$4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>> Remember that Microsoft lie:
>>>>> Microsoft maintained that the operating systems themselves
>>>>> were, "two very different products intended for two very
>>>>> different functions."
>>>> It is curious that your refuge from being just another magpie is
>>>> to act as a dull techno-dweeb!  NT WS and Server were far
>>>> different in terms of licensing, just as a DVD of a motion
>>>> picture sold to the personal media market is far different than
>>>> the same thing licensed for commercial viewing.
> They are "different" only because the licensor claims they are, since
> "IP" laws allow licensors to invent fictitious limitations based only
> on the concept of permission to utilise knowledge. Such "differences"
> are not intrinsic, they are works of pure fiction used to exploit the
> consumers who are fooled into subscribing to the lie - that knowledge
> is property, and as such should be exclusively owned and controlled.
>>>> the silly GPL.
> Like the "silly" Public Domain, which was the de facto state of /all/
> knowledge for millennia?
>>> They never seem to see the big picture.
> The history of mankind's knowledge, and the resultant progress we all
> benefit from, is a /far/ bigger picture than this comparatively /new/
> phenomenon called "IP", which seeks to inhibit that progress - in the
> of greed.
>>> The cola dweebs conveniently - but very dishonestly - pretend to
>>> forget RedHat, Novell, Mandriva and Xandros "lies" about their
>>> various desktop and server versions of Linux, and the different
>>> licensing and pricing structures, and in some cases the artificial
>>> limitations of the lower-end versions.
> What is it exactly that you /think/ Red Hat licenses, DooFy?
> Red Hat's licenses are for /services/ (support), not Free Software?
> So what "artificial limitations of the lower-end versions" do Red Hat
> place on their /software/, DooFy?
> As for Novell, Mandriva and Xandros, their pact with the gangsters in
> Redmond might very well compel them to "license" all manner of things
> entirely antithetical to the goals of Free Software. You conveniently
> "forgot" /that/ in your straw-man argument. Ultimately the root cause
> of /software/ licensing issues WRT such traitors is still Microsoft.
>> No we don't its just the umbrella of Linux is so vast that we have
>> choice.
> Good thing too, otherwise we might all be compelled to use "Microsoft
> Linux", courtesy of the above traitors.
>> Can that be said for your Redmond platform?
> No, there is only One Microsoft WayÂ.

And then there are the PR "Geisha" types like Sam Ramji.

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