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[News] Iceland's Education System Adopts Free Software

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Free Software in the Icelandic Education System

,----[ Quote ]
| In a special issue of skÃla og nÃmskeià (english: school and courses), which 
| accompanied FrÃttablaÃià on the 25th of August 2009, there was an article 
| about a project within the Ministry of Education in cooperation with a group 
| of free software advocates, to increase the use of free software within the 
| school system. One of the reasons for the project is the Ministryâs agenda to 
| increase knowledge and competence among students in IT related subjects. We 
| (The Icelandic Society for Digital Freedoms) wholeheartedly agree with this 
| reasoning as the society believes that access to computer source code and the 
| freedom to modify and explore the software will result in a better 
| understanding of information technology which in this context benefits the 
| country and the nation as a whole. A strong indication of the governmentâs 
| understanding of the benefits of free software is for example the fifth item 
| on the official government policy for free software (direct pdf) which states 
| that students should have equal opportunity to learn about and use free 
| software as well as proprietary software.              



Icelandic bank Kaupthing threat to WikiLeaks over confidential large exposure
report, 31 Jul 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Legal threat from lawyers representing the failed Icelandic bank Kaupthing to
| WikiLeaks (Sunshine Press), seeking to suppress a 209 page internal Kaupthing
| document assessing the credit risks of its largest clients.


Financial collapse: Confidential exposure analysis of 205 companies each owing
above EUR45M to Icelandic bank Kaupthing, 26 Sep 2008


Microsoft Skull-fucks Icelandâs Economy, Contracts Syphilis

,----[ Quotea
| And what would you do? Well. My sources tell me a lot is afoot. Several MCPâs
| are bailing out, switching over to Free Software and restructuring their
| business model. Keep the revenue inside Iceland, sell better technical
| services for less money and yet double their revenue. âWhy didnât we do this
| earlier?â



Free and Open-source Software - Government Policy of Iceland

,----[ Quote ]
| The government of Iceland has agreed on a policy regarding free and
| open-source software. The policy states, among other things, that when
| purchasing new software, free and open-source software and proprietary
| software are to be considered on an equal footing, with the object of always
| selecting the most favourable purchase.    


A Virtual Open Source Center to Nordic Countries

,----[ Quote ]
| The initiative was confirmed during the Norwegian IT-minister Heidi
| Grande Roys' visit in Finland. The leader of COSS, Petri Rasanen,
| stated that the steady operation of COSS is a good base to build
| the international collaboration on, and for example the web site
| of the new center will be based on the COSS portal.

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