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[News] Valuable Resources About Powerful Free CMS (Drupal)

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8 Resources for the Mighty Drupal Content Management System

,----[ Quote ]
| Take in Acquia's Videos. Acquia has also recently added many tutorial videos 
| on Drupal to its Community page, and the videos are free to watch here. 
| You'll find videos such as "Build a Dynamic Community Site with Flash Using 
| the Drupal Services Module," and videos on how to use Drupal's many modules.    


Four Things Open Source Projects Should Know About Dealing with the Press

,----[ Quote ]
| Don't be a jerk. Don't get snarky if a reporter or editor doesn't grok the 
| intricacies of your project. As Alan Z pointed out: "While it's not your job 
| to represent the OSS community â because there isn't such a beast â realize 
| that what you do does reflect on other open source efforts, at least to that 
| reporter." I wish Alan was overstating things, but I have encountered these 
| attitudes far too often personally.     



Drupal 7 Targets the Enterprise

,----[ Quote ]
| Fresh off a new round of financing, open source content management (CMS)
| vendor Acquia is putting its new funds to work in taking the Drupal open
| source CMS to new heights in the enterprise.


Drupal gains ground down under

,----[ Quote ]
| Computerworld speaks with Drupal's lead developer and several Drupal shops
| about the open source CMS used in a growing number of organisations around
| the world, including the Prime Ministerâs office.
| [...]
| âIt is a great time for open source technologies and Drupal is thriving in
| this environment.â There are now more than 400,000 Drupal sites around the
| world, and drupal.org has a million unique visitors per month.

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