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[News] [Rival] It's Official: Vista 7 is Junk for Sub-notebooks

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Windows 7 Starter Edition Is Too Wimpy for New Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Given Starter Editionâs lameness, youâd think that netbook vendors might shun 
| it and install Windows 7 Home Premium instead. Not so. Samsung says its Go 
| netbook will ship with SE, starting in November. Nokiaâs Win 7 plans are 
| fuzzy at this point. And Dell recently told me that its netbooks will 
| continue to offer a variety of OS options, including âUbuntu and 
| Windows-based editions.â     
| Somethingâs fishy here. Itâs not as if the entire genre of netbooks is too 
| wimpy to run Windows 7 Home Premium. If that were the case, Microsoft would 
| have announced recently that Win 7 SE users will be able to upgrade to Home 
| Premium for $80. Rather, this is about Microsoftâs desire to cripple the 
| netbook category and upsell consumers to Home Premium.    
| Sadly, many buyers will shell out $400 or so for a reasonably-powered netbook 
| with a 10-inch display, only to learn theyâve been saddled with a feeble 
| version of Windows 7. A classic bait-and-switch? It sure looks that way. Itâs 
| also a recipe for consumer ire. Nobody wants to pay a fairly significant sum 
| for a consumer electronics device, only to learn they must pay an additional 
| $80 for features they were expecting.     


Nice shot in the foot there.


Sharp intros 5in ARM-based netbook

,----[ Quote ]
| Asus may not be so keen on ARM-based netbooks, but Sharp certainly is. Today,
| it launched the PC-Z1 Netwalker, a weeny netbook based around a 5in display
| and Ubuntu Linux and an ARM Cortex A8-derived CPU.


Sharp launch Linux based Netwalker in Japan

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ubuntu Linux on the PC-Z1 is a based on the Ubuntu 9.0.4 for ARM port,
| and with Firefox and OpenOffice, still leaves around 2GB free on the internal
| flash storage.

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