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Re: [News] [Rival] Microsoft's AstroTurf Against Google Blows Up

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Microsoft screwing themselves while they try to screw Google
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | It turns out Microsoft has been busy holding weekly âScrew Googleâ
> | meetings, trying to figure out how to throw roadblocks in front of
> | Google as they continue to dominate the search arena. Itâs easy for me
> | to say, but doesnât it make a lot more sense to spend millions of
> | dollars making something thatâs actually better than Google rather than
> | simply trying to make them look bad?
> | 
> | [...]
> | 
> | Itâs time for Microsoft to stop wasting their money worrying about
> | Google, and start breaking their own trails. Microsoft does have some
> | diamonds in their rough though â one example is their development tools,
> | frameworks and platforms. This includes WPF, Silverlight and Microsoft
> | Surface â and in my opinion, Microsoft needs to invest more heavily in
> | those technologies.
> `----
> http://blogs.zdnet.com/Google/?p=1531

Google share trading bigger than Micoshaft Corporation

Average $1.6 billion worth of shares trade in Google while
Micoshaft is second with just around $1.5 billion.

What happened?

Do micoshaft share holders all now come with a small pepe?

Google seems to keep one larger than a canoe in their trousers!

Is this the end of micoshaft?

There is no hope for micoshaft to catch Google with share trading volume.

Micoshaft will crumble.

In terms of trading volume and popularity, google is bigger and more popular 
with millionairs, banks and trading houses.

Manufacturers are better off going with Google for manufacturing next round 
of smartphones, android phones, netbooks and smartbooks with 
Linux and Chrome on it.
30%-40% of ALL netbooks sold are still Linux.
And all major brands are upping their volumes of Linux branded products
and Linux supported products. Most high value products sold by
electronics retailers contain Linux. Linux sells 3 million+
embedded gadgets PER DAY.

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