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[News] Opera 10 for GNU/Linux is Released, Other Applications Named

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Opera 10 - The Final Chapter

,----[ Quote ]
| Today Opera released the final version of Opera 10, the long-awaited new 
| entry in the company's browser family. It's free and comes in 43 languages.  


First look: Opera 10 faster with new features

,----[ Quote ]
| Opera 10 has arrived and finds itself needing to stand out in an increasingly 
| crowded browser market. Ars goes hands on with the new release to see if 
| Opera 10 has what it takes.  


Five Cleverly Named Ubuntu Applications

,----[ Quote ]
| Gcompris
| Lest I be accused of anglocentrism, hereâs a shout-out to Gcompris, a suite 
| of educational games that ships with Edubuntu.  For those of you who donât 
| speak French, the pun is pretty straight-forward: Gcompris sounds like the 
| expression âJâai comprisâ, which translates to âIâve understoodâ.  Bonus 
| points for a name starting with the letter âgâ, paying homage to the GNU 
| project and open-source philosophy.     



Opera's Bruising Browser War

,----[ Quote ]
| "Microsoft has been doing something illegal for a very, very long time," says
| Jon von Tetzchner. A lot of people outside of Redmond, Wash. would probably
| agree. But in this case, the 41-year-old chief executive and cofounder of
| Opera Software, is griping about something we've all heard about for a
| decade: Microsoft's bullying attempts to own the Web browser market by
| bundling its own version into Windows. Von Tetzchner half got what he wanted
| on Thursday, when Microsoft announced it would release Windows 7 in Europe
| without Internet Explorer, to counter European Union charges made in January
| on bundling the browser.


Opera CEO: Microsoft is 'playing a game'

,----[ Quote ]
| "They are trying to play a game," said von Tetzchner, "and I don't think
| anyone appreciates that fact they are trying to get away with a solution that
| doesn't solve anything.
| "Microsoft is proposing a solution that is not going to solve the issue or
| provide consumers with choice," he added.


Opera says Windows 7 'tweak' is not enough

,----[ Quote ]
| WEB BROWSER outfit Opera, which sparked an EU antitrust investigation into
| Microsoft's business practices in Europe, remains dissatisfied with its
| rival's move to unbundle Internet Exploder 8 from Windows 7.

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