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Classic: Microsoft on Innova~1 (and Why Vista 7 Will Disappoint)

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"And let's face facts. innovation has never been Microsoft's strong suite.
We're much better at ripping off our competitors. For example, we did not
invent either ASP or IE, we bought them!"

                --E-mail from an unidentified Microsoft employee, as revealed in the
                  antitrust trial

"[Microsoft's business strategy is] copy the product that others innovate, put
them into Windows so they can't be unplugged, and then give it away for free."

                --Oracle Corp Chairman Larry Ellison

Not *that's* innovative.

Microsoft also has innovative marketing for making Vista/Mojave look like it's
worth something, by renaming it and spending hundreds of millions of dollars
on brainwash and AstroTurfing.

As Dvorak put it:

What is Happening to Windows 7?

,----[ Quote ]
| Why has Windows 7 suddenly fallen off the track with negative publicity? What
| happened? What changed?
| This is one of the strangest developments I have ever witnessedâeven rivaling
| the reverse publicity that began to pound OS/2 beginning around 1987, which
| eventually destroyed that OS as a viable alternative. The OS/2 destruction
| was orchestrated by Microsoft; who is orchestrating this?
| I knew something was up beginning a few weeks back when studies and reports
| began to emerge about how businesses will not upgrade to Windows 7. Everyone
| is trying to save money or something. It was never fully analyzed. The data
| point that sticks out was one report that said 60 percent of businesses are
| going to hold off on Windows 7 implementation. And these are companies that
| probably did not upgrade to Vista.
| These announcements came on the heels of an extremely positive pre-publicity
| campaign that was probably orchestrated by Microsoft or one of its agencies.
| In January of this year everyoneâand I mean everyoneâwas raving about Windows
| 7. Microsoft gave out the beta, which was praised, and then gave out copies
| of RC1, which was also praised. It was the best thing ever!

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