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Re: Even Microsoft wants you to get rid of IE 6

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____/ nessuno on Wednesday 02 September 2009 15:52 : \____

> <Quote>
> Internet Explorer isn't anything like as popular as it used to be.
> Many users of Internet Explorer have moved from IE to Firefox or other
> browsers. In fact, in July 2009, Internet Explorer fell to an all time
> low of 66.6% But, even so, 24.8% of people are still using IE 6, a
> real contender for the planet's most insecure Web
> browser...Microsoft's general manager for Internet Explorer...recently
> said, "Friends don't let friends use IE6."
> I'd say that's a pretty clear sign that's it's time to get rid of IE6.
> Personally, I think Firefox is the best choice for most users. I can
> also recommend Google Chrome, and the latest version of Apple
> Safari....
> Be that it may, even Internet Explorer 8 is much, much better than IE
> 6. It's a quick download and it works fine with any modern version of
> Windows.
> </Quote>
> If it hadn't been for Firefox, most of the world would still be using
> IE3.

They actually use sentimental blackmail (some fairy tale about meals and poor
children) to channel IE6 users into newer Microsoft lock-inware.

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