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Re: Sony Defaults to Google Chrome

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____/ none of your buisiness on Thursday 03 September 2009 03:32 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> This is a good prelude to Chrome OS (Linux), which turns out to be more or
>> less tightly integrated with this free/open source Web browser. Sony does
>> not being dependent on Microsoft.

> this may be the start of a good thing for GNU/Linux & open source in
> general.
> many of the OEMs are really feeling the pain that Microsoft caused them when
> they released Vista. many of them are seeing Microsoft use the same tactics
> to push Windows 7 as they did with Vista. Microsoft has done a lot of
> damage to the hardware vendors & OEMs reputations & i think that they are
> growing tired of it.
> i would predict that Linux adoptions will increase dramatically in the next
> year.

Yes, Sony competes with Microsoft over media domination and now consoles too.
It would love to have zero dependence on Microsoft, but it is not possible

Sony has a Linux subsite and it uses Linux in many of its devices already
(cameras, televisions, etc).

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