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Re: Jetstar to deploy 3G netbooks at departure gates

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Friday 04 September 2009 10:58 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Sinister Midget on Friday:
>>> Although, being Winduumies I'd imagine they'll carry around
>>> an external 1TB drive to put that stuff on so they can drag
>>> it around and show off all their "free" stuff.
>> Linux performs better than Windows XP/Vista{any version} in
>> SSD, so either way, Windows would be just a compromise for
>> second best.
> Of course.  Even my 2.95 GHz Intel Celeron mobo runs cooler with
> Ubuntu 8.10 than Windows XP.  The variable speed cooling fan runs
> at a nominal speed under Ubuntu.  Under XP, the fan screams, CPU
> runs hotter.  Windows 7, which appears at this point to be a
> Vista remix, is more CPU intensive than XP, so I could see an
> SSDD netbook battery life being shortened.  Time will tell, I
> don't know if they will also experience shortened SSDD life due
> to journalling.  Under Linux, they recommend using EXT2 instead
> of EXT3 for that reason.
> Some of the netbooks under Linux have impressive battery life, up
> to 8 hours.  I look forward to the cooler running RISC based ARM
> netbooks that are now making their way to market.
> I haven't run any comparisons yet on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS versus XP on
> my Acer Aspire One netbook yet.  That one, I was surprised to see
> it go DOA, related to a BIOS bug.  Fortunately, I was able to
> update the BIOS, brought it back to life.  Wierd, and at least
> one COLA troll accused me of breaking it using Linux.  Windows
> makes one stupid.

Your observations above seem to be based mostly on 'feel', but everyone who has
done a benchmark showed the same thing scientifically, empirically. Also see:

Laptops, ergonomics, and batteries

,----[ Quote ]
| I installed Ubuntu 8.10 on this laptop (as a multiple boot option) the
| weekend before last, and one of the first notices that Ubuntu gave me was
| that the battery would only charge to 17% of capacity. Score one for Ubuntu
| over Vista for giving an accurate message.


Ubuntu netbooks will run all day

,----[ Quote ]
| He said they would run for at least eight hours without a charge â a time
| long targeted by notebook manufacturers, as it is considered to be a working
| day. Intel-based notebooks claiming all-day working tend to pack extra
| batteries.
| Hickman was speaking after ARM announced that it is working with Canonical,
| UK commercial sponsor of Linux, to optimise Ubuntu for the ARM platform,
| mainly on the power management and use of the platform's Neon multimedia
| processing.


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