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Re: The Attila Challenge: Word Processors

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> If you need a GUI front end to LaTeX, have a look at Kile and LyX. I've
> used the latter since 2001.
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>                 ~~ Best of wishes
> Roy S. Schestowitz      | Watch your step, that soapbox is very slippery

Cheers for that, Roy. Yeah, I know about the front-ends. My favourite is 
Texmaker which I find quite useful. Sadly, the problem is in the coding not 
in the user interface. I'm doing things that TeX simply wasn't designed to 
handle. The running dictionary style header is only a tiny part of the 
entire job and I'm rather pleased with myself, to be honest, that this is 
the only bit that seems intractable. It's a capability that an office suite 
should have and the openoffice devs have recognised it. They want me to 
submit it as a feature request. Ironically, that fact that you can't do this 
with MSOffice works against me since features lacking in OO that "the 
competition" already have, gives the feature request a higher priority. 
According to them, I am the first one to request this formally although I 
saw a posting in some forum where an Excel user was asking for the same 
thing. There were no answers to her query. I'm glad I'm dealing with 
Openoffice devs rather than M$. I'd be rotting in my grave before I got an 
acknowledgement but with FOSS I should see this feature appear before not 
too long. The community is fantastic!
Attila, The Freetard from Hell  

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