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[News] Academics Like to Share

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Frances Pinter on the (Academic) Value of Sharing

,----[ Quote ]
| So much of academic output is now available on the web, and when you talk to 
| academics they are not 100 percent happy with how difficult it is becoming to 
| find their works. They are looking for tools; a digital means of selecting, 
| filtering, and ranking the materials they are using and recommending. We are 
| actually in a period of transition where we are still relying on the old, but 
| wanting to experiment with the new. People like myself who spend a lot of 
| time with the open access crowd can kind of forget there are a lot of 
| academics who arenât so vocal, who are primarily interested in producing 
| their content, getting materials in front of their students, and getting 
| their promotion and their recognition for work that they produce.         


'Bloggers' vs 'Audience' is over? or, Will the word 'blogger' disappear?

,----[ Quote ]
| Blog is just one of many technical ways to convey information. I think the 
| phrase "Blogger Jones" will go away. But sometimes it is important to state 
| how one got the information. So, one may say "Jones blogged it", or "I got 
| this from Sally via e-mail", or "as Neal wrote in his 1996 book", or "Anne 
| told me over dinner last night", or "in Jim's op-ed in WaPo yesterday", 
| or "via Dave on Twitter", or "Elizabeth texted me", or "Bill posted on 
| Facebook", or "Chris told me over the phone a minute ago". All of those media 
| channels are useful for various purposes.       



Red Hat's POSSE introduces academics to FOSS

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently, five college professors spent an intense five days with Red Hat
| employees and other members of the free and open source software (FOSS)
| community. Red Hat called the experience POSSE (Professors' Open Source
| Summer Experience). The goal of the week was to show how FOSS could be used
| in post-secondary education, and to create a community to further the goal.


Red Hat educates profs

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat is sowing the seeds of open source software development among college
| professors.
| This week a fourth-floor meeting room at the company's Centennial Campus
| headquarters in Raleigh is the site of a boot camp for faculty from a
| half-dozen universities, including N.C. Central and Elon. It's a prototype
| for a program whose ultimate goal is to immerse computer science students in
| real-world open-source development projects.
| [...]
| Red Hat, which is poised to join the Standard & Poor's 500 index after the
| market closes today, makes its money by bundling Linux with various levels of
| support services.

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