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[News] Serious Copyright Reform (Against Intellectual Monopolies) Under Way

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Europe Pushing For An Orphan Works Law Also


Copyright Reform Made Easy 

,----[ Quote ]
| As readers of this blog will have noticed, I'm not a big fan of intellectual 
| monopolies like copyright or patents. For the former, I'd prefer a return to 
| the original term of 14 years, or even less. But even I recognise that this 
| is not going to be easy to achieve in the short term, so until there's an 
| outbreak of mass sanity, we need a stopgap solution.    


Copyrightâs Creative Disincentive

,----[ Quote ]
| Tucows is participating in the ongoing Canadian copyright consultation. We 
| will be making a formal submission and I will be appearing at the final round 
| table tomorrow (Tuesday, September 1, 2009) in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.  
| We are big fans of government embracing the Internet in order to better get 
| input from its citizens to help with the legislative process. While the  
| methods have evolved, the submissions tend to be very formalistic. By lawyers 
| for lawyers. To try and evolve that we have commissioned an original piece by 
| the brilliant David Weinberger discussing the fundamental misconception in 
| linking copyright to creativity. This piece will form the bulk of our 
| submission and follows.     


Is Creative Commons Good for Copyright?

,----[ Quote ]
| When CC founding board member Lawrence Lessig announced in 2007 he was 
| retiring from the intellectual property debate to focus on ethics, we wrote 
| the âissues [related to possible strategic errors in the Eldred v. Ashcroft 
| case] are minor compared with the good Lessig has done and the enormous 
| effort he has spent in trying to get it right and make things equitable. 
| Lessig has put his energy and his money where his mouth has been, and right 
| or wrong, we respect and thank him for that.â      



Oz gov suggests world's worst copyright protection scheme

,----[ Quote ]
| In their submission, Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) have expressed
| concern that "the proposed legislation provides a very broad exception to the
| prohibition on interception of network communications for the purposes of
| ensuring that a network is "appropriately used"".


Australian Law Proposal to Turn ISPs Into Copyright Cops

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