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[News] K Desktop Environment Meeting to Take Place in Linus' Birth Country

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Akademy 2010 in Tampere, Finland

,----[ Quote ]
| The KDE community is proud to announce the location of next year's Akademy: 
| Tampere, Finland. Akademy is the yearly world conference held by the KDE 
| community to celebrate the Free Software desktop and work towards the future 
| of KDE.   
| After a successful Akademy 2009 on the Canary Islands, as part of the Gran 
| Canaria Desktop Summit, Akademy heads north to the birthplace of Linux where 
| contributors will enjoy the midnight sun as they spend a week to present, 
| plan and participate in the development of KDE software.    


digiKam in the news:

digiKam digest - 2009-08-31

,----[ Quote ]
| This week we saw finishing of work on new color management code; updating of 
| libraw to stable 0.8.1 (28 new cameras comparing to previous 0.7.x stable 
| release, API extension and fixes); optimizations in thumbnails display; 
| preparations for 1.0-beta4 (released on 31st August).   


Open Source Photo Processing Comes of Age

,----[ Quote ] 
| Without a doubt digiKam has a lot to offer for the photographers among us. 
| Unfortunately, it still has one glaring omission â a clone tool. You may have 
| noticed that the original RAW image had some dust specks in the sky above the 
| trees and in other parts of the clouds. In digiKam, the only tool available 
| for trying to remove such things (other than cropping them out as I did here) 
| is a tool called In-painting, found under Enhance > In-painting. However, 
| that tool is not easy to use and is rather slow. With a proper clone tool, as 
| available in most other photo editors, removing such items only takes a few 
| seconds. The good news is that the digiKam developers have acknowledged this 
| omission as a bug and we can expect to see it implemented in a future version 
| of digiKam. In the mean time we can use the Gimp to take care of these items 
| as a final touch up step.           
| I think you will agree that digiKam is an amazing open source tool. It has 
| now become my main photo editor. If you are into photography, why not give it 
| a try?  



digiKam is da blast!

,----[ Quote ]
| Discovering a new program that meets all your expectations, surpasses them
| and then gives you a backrub and a monthly subscription to Top Gear magazine
| is a very pleasant prospect. It's like a hidden 100-dollar note you find in
| the back pocket of a pair of jeans in your laundry basket. digiKam fits into
| this category.


digiKam digest - 2009-08-16



KDE4 apps: digiKam

,----[ Quote ]
| DigiKam is an application to manage your digital photos professionally, with
| a claim of: âManage your photographs like a professional, with the power of
| Open Sourceâ.

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