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[News] Free Software Experiences Good Period, Small Business Tap Savings

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Boom Time for FOSS

,----[ Quote ]
| The current economic recession may be pummeling companies around the globe, 
| but amid all the dire reports and grim statistics littering what can only be  
| compared to a bloody battlefield, one oft-cited exception appears to be still 
| standing tall: free and open source software.  


SMB And ERP: No Longer Mutually Exclusive Terms

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, this week Inforworld.com named another open-source ERP provider, 
| Compiere, as a recipient of its annual "Bossie" award in the Best Open Source 
| Enterprise Software category. Compiere is another strong contender in the 
| small-business ERP market; among other features, it offers a very 
| well-regarded, cloud-based implementation of its ERP solution.    
| [...]
| The other, based on an Ubuntu Server software stack, is being positioned as a 
| better solution for companies that want more control over server 
| configuration, including the use of complementary third-party components. 
| Both are suitable for deployment as single-server solutions.   


Days ago:

Microsoft Losing its Grip on UK Small Businesses?

,----[ Quote ]
| Put another way, according to this survey few small business in the UK intend
| upgrading to Windows 7 soon; the majority want to move to solutions
| independent of the operating system, to those based on the browser; and fully
| a third of the companies are using Firefox, not Internet Explorer, for that
| purpose.
| That adds up to a bunch of headaches for Microsoft if those results are
| mirrored across the whole of the UK, because it suggests some fairly seismic
| shifts are underway in the small business sector, and that the company is
| failing on multiple fronts.

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