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[News] SCO Won't Talk to Linux Foundation Site

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SCO Group Gets Key Ruling in Appeals Court

,----[ Quote ]
| A spokesman for SCO could not immediately be reached for comment.
| Jeffrey Neuburger, an attorney with Proskauer Rose LLP in New York, wrote a 
| blog entry last week on the most recent court rulings, arguing that it "it 
| remains to be seen whether SCO will survive to press forward with the Novell 
| and other litigations."   
| In an interview, Neuburger said that "[six] years later, we still donât know 
| who owns the rights to UNIX." 
| "In this case, nothing surprises anyone anymore," Neuburger said. "This is an 
| exceptional case, partly because of the tenacity of SCO. Their [poor] 
| financial situation exacerbates it. Then the fact that it involves open 
| source adds a focus or attention that might not have been there, plus 
| whenever you involve a company like IBM or Novell that also adds interest."    
| Conspiracy theorists have also been watching the case, often questioning how 
| Microsoft Corp. would have been involved behind the scenes, backing SCO 
| against rivals, Neuburger said. "It all adds a lot of attention."  



The Chapter 11 Trustee's First Act: Wants to Hire a Lawyer

,----[ Quote ]
| SCO's new Chapter 11 trustee, Edward N. Cahn, would like to hire a law firm,
| Blank Rome. Well, honestly speaking, wouldn't *you* want a lawyer, if you
| were chosen to decide what to do next with the SCO Group?


What happens next in SCO vs. Novell

,----[ Quote ]
| With that being the case, and there being no chance whatsoever of SCO
| successfully pursuing a Linux lawsuit, I strongly suspect that the Trustee
| will drop all of SCO's lawsuits and spend his time on rendering down SCO's
| remains into pennies on dollars. Rationally, there's nothing left to do, and
| with a reasonable person now in charge of SCO's remains, that's what I expect
| to happen.

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