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[News] Red Hat Explains Negative View on Software Patents, Novell Exploits Them

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Red Hat Stories Liberating Innovation Software Patent Challenges


âCome on in the waters lovelyâ â Novell RH support? & IE Woes?

,----[ Quote ]
| Seems to further show an almost hero worship (IMO) of the Microsoft brand.   
| Leaving Windows for Linux?  Is going with OpenSUSE really leaving Microsoft 
| at all? I will let you decide and is whats described by the above reviewer 
| as âbloatedâ and âslowâ a worthy choice when moving from Windows?  Maybe if 
| you have come to enjoy âbloatedâ and âslowâ (IMO).    



Novell, SCO: When FUD Comes Calling

,----[ Quote ]
| But beware. FUD is in operation here. Back in November 2006 Microsoft and
| Novell entered an agreement under the terms of which Microsoft provided a
| covenant to Novell's Linux customers that it would not sue them if it turned
| out that Linux infringed certain unspecified Microsoft patents, as the
| Redmond company had suddenly started claiming in 2004. Novell also agreed to
| provide a similar covenant to Microsoft customers.
| As Novell puts it, "By securing a commitment from Microsoft to support the
| use of Linux and open source software, we have allayed any potential concerns
| for our customers and removed a barrier to enterprisewide Linux adoption."
| The fact that Novell stated at the time "there was no threatened litigation"
| from Microsoft leads one to the conclusion that this was all FUD-making.
| It's a bit like a food company saying "our products contain no rat poison,"
| thus implying that competitors products might.

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