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Re: The Attila Challenge: Word Processors

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> ____/ Attila on Friday 04 September 2009 13:52 : \____
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> If you need a GUI front end to LaTeX, have a look at Kile and LyX. I've
>>> used the latter since 2001.
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>>> Roy S. Schestowitz      | Watch your step, that soapbox is very slippery
>> Cheers for that, Roy. Yeah, I know about the front-ends. My favourite is
>> Texmaker which I find quite useful. Sadly, the problem is in the coding
>> not in the user interface. I'm doing things that TeX simply wasn't
>> designed to handle. The running dictionary style header is only a tiny
>> part of the entire job and I'm rather pleased with myself, to be honest,
>> that this is the only bit that seems intractable. It's a capability that
>> an office suite should have and the openoffice devs have recognised it.
>> They want me to submit it as a feature request. Ironically, that fact
>> that you can't do this with MSOffice works against me since features
>> lacking in OO that "the competition" already have, gives the feature
>> request a higher priority. According to them, I am the first one to
>> request this formally although I saw a posting in some forum where an
>> Excel user was asking for the same thing. There were no answers to her
>> query. I'm glad I'm dealing with Openoffice devs rather than M$. I'd be
>> rotting in my grave before I got an acknowledgement but with FOSS I
>> should see this feature appear before not too long. The community is
>> fantastic! Ciao,
>> Attila, The Freetard from Hell
> LyX is a lot more PowerFul than PowerPoint in some areas. With LyX I have
> made some of my presentations, e.g.:
Thanks, Roy but this job isn't about powerpoint. I'm not making a slide 
show, I'm producing a dictionary. In any even if I were interested in such 
things I would use simpress from Openoffice. Powerpoint isn't in the 
> In pure TeX I also made a poster:
I am not repeat not reluctant to use TeX. I need no convincing about its 
virtues. I repeat this job is not about posters and not about presentations. 
It's about converting a spreadsheet into a fully formatted, camera-ready 
dictionary. This includes a sorting routine that would take me a fortnight 
to explain to you, converting the coded entries into two different 
orthographies: one in popular use and the other for scientific use. After 
all that I have to put the whole bundle together in a camera-ready format 
that I can only describe as insane. I am more-or-less the one who has to 
make sense of this madness. I've done that but now it would be good to have 
running headers for the thing as I described them. Maybe TeX can do that but 
it is really not obvious how. I know about TeX and use it for projects that 
it's suitable for.
Attila, The Freetard from Hell
> It's nice when you can export as HTML because TeX understand structure:
> http://schestowitz.com/Research/Posters/ISBI_2006_Poster/Revision_6/HTML/
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