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Re: Make up your minds "advocates"

amicus_curious wrote:

"Ian Hilliard" <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:4aa1159b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Going Cross Platform is not only practical, it used to be considered industry best practice and was normal for many development houses. It is a little more work in the beginning, but in the long term it reduces the amount of work, because it forces developers to think better about what they are doing and it permits better testing.

Then Microsoft came along and they have been actively opposing cross-platform development. This is because lock-in is the core of their business plan. Unfortunately, too many developers and software development companies have been sucked into supporting Microsoft's business plan, instead of doing the best for their own clients.

In the absence of any viable alternative platforms, a cross-platform application is rather silly. Support costs are essentially the same for any platform and if the business is 94:5:1 as it is in the ratio of Windows : Mac : Linux, it would be stupid as well. The battles are long over and Windows won. IBM OS/2 lost. No one else was in the game.

Spoken like a true Microsoft marketing drone.

Before Microsoft leveraged its control of the most popular OS of the time to marginalise WordPerfect in the market, WordPerfect was available on DOS, Windows, SCO Xenix, SCO Unix, SUNOS, HPUX, AIX, OS2, MacOS and VMS. The storage format was the same on all platforms so it was not an issue to have multiple platforms in a company. This allowed the best platform to be used for each job and limited the encroachment of malware.

Microsoft has spent the last 20 years actively retarding progress in the computer industry and marketing drones like Bill Weisgerber, a.k.a. billwg, a.k.a. amicus_curious, have been actively supporting them.


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