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Re: Study: Patents Reduce Innovation

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____/ JEDIDIAH on Sunday 06 Sep 2009 21:16 : \____

> On 2009-09-06, RayLopez99 <raylopez88@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Sep 5, 7:54 am, Richard Rasker <spamt...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Until very recently, scientific development was freely shared, and the
>>> reward for scientists involved were peer recognition, and perhaps some
>>> international fame, and, very rarely, a Nobel prize. Even computer software
>>> was freely shared for the first few decades.
>> Some people invent for fame.  Others want money.  You need both.
> ...that's fine so long as you are "paying people" to invent new
> stuff rather than giving them the right to shake down everyone
> else in the industry for stuff trivial enough that it is already
> being replicated in isolation.
> That sort of patent only represents artificial economic inefficency.
> [deletia]

The economic theory of patents is being rewritten all the time by those who exploit them at the top. 
The same was done to justify slavery for many centuries.

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