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Re: Study: Patents Reduce Innovation

Richard Rasker wrote:

> RayLopez99 wrote:

[snip patents harmful to innovation]

>> You can tweek a model to fit any data set you want, you cretin.
>> The real test is what happens in the real world,

OK, here's a specific example of what happens in the real world:

 "New research by Boston University law professors James Bessen and Michael
  Meurer, published in their 2008 book Patent Failure, paints a sobering
  look at patents in the digital age. Aside from pharmaceutical and chemical
  manufacturers, companies in all other industries now spend vastly more on
  litigation than they generate in profits from their patents.
  The downside is that legal action slows the spread of technology, inhibits
  sharing and makes the rest of us pay a lot more for much of what we buy."


In other words: instead of benefiting companies in particular and society as
a whole, patents are a net cash drain to both. And the only ones laughing
all the way to the bank are the lawyers -- the same class of people who are
in no small part responsible for this situation.

Now I wonder what the U.S. Founding Fathers would have to say about this ...

Richard Rasker

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