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Re: I'm in Love... KDE 4.3.1

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____/ Homer on Tuesday 08 Sep 2009 15:16 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Miguel de Icaza spake thusly:
>>> Also note that Icaza has already explicitly stated he aspires to
>>> rewriting Gnome entirely in Mono:
>> You guys keep religiously pointing out to that article from the
>> Register from 2002 and always fail to post any references to my
>> public correction that I issued to that article a few days later.
>> Let us bring the paranoia down a notch by reposting it here from:
>> http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2002-02-06-011-20-OP-GN-MS
> [quote]
> * First, the Facts
> GNOME is not adopting Mono or .NET as an implementation
>     technology.  The headline from the Register is misleading,
>     for a number of reasons:
> * The headline does not reflect any statements I
> made on the interview (if you read the interview
> you will notice this).
> [/quote]
> Well let's see ... the "misleading" El Reg article header is "Gnome to
> be based on .NET - de Icaza", and sure enough, right there in that
> article is a direct quote from you stating "Gnome 4.0 should be based on
> .NET".
> So please explain how the article's header is "misleading".
> Are you accusing Andrew Orlowski of lying? Did he completely fabricate
> that quote?
> Your subsequent "correction" is little more than a protracted
> advertisement for Microsoft technology, peppered with hand waving about
> potential difficulties.
> And ultimately, Miguel, actions speak louder than words. Mono continues
> to be pushed into Gnome ... it's only a matter of time before full
> dependency results. Not that you'd mind, of course, which raises the
> question of why you should object to people tracking the spread of
> something you value so highly?
> If this information is out of date, then by all means lets have a
> /current/ quote from you.
> Do you, or do you not, currently have any desire for Gnome to be based
> on Mono?
> After all, according to you, Microsoft's .NET technology would be a
> "fantastic upgrade", so surely that must be one of your aspirations.
> Certainly I've seen very little in the intervening years since that
> interview that might cause me to conclude otherwise. On the contrary, it
> seems you've dedicated your career to becoming somewhat of a Microsoft
> Evangelist, taking every opportunity to extol the virtues of their
> "fantastic" technology. And why shouldn't you? After all, you did once
> aspire to work for them, and you currently work as the Developer
> Platform VP for one of Microsoft's closest partners, which essentially
> means you do now in fact work for Microsoft, given the kind of
> obligations Microsoft place on such partners with their nefarious
> contracts ... contacts which usually require said partners to promote
> Microsoft and their products.
> If you really wish to provide "corrections", Miguel, then I suggest you
> publish the aforementioned contract for all to see, then we can all
> establish exactly what your "obligations" to Microsoft really are, and
> determine whether or not there really is an agenda to transform
> GNU/Linux's primary desktop environment into (essentially) a
> Microsoft-controlled product. Novell shouldn't have any problem with
> this. I mean, if they've done nothing wrong then they've nothing to hide
> ... right?
> We may all eventually have the opportunity to scrutinise that document,
> regardless of Novell's and Microsoft's unwillingness to reveal the truth
> ... as court evidence in yet another Microsoft antitrust trial. Until
> then, I suppose we're just going to have to believe you, when you claim
> there's no Microsoft agenda on the one hand, whilst spending the rest of
> your time promoting Microsoft and their technology on the other.

I would personally be interested in knowing why Moonlight requires Mono. Who 
decided on the design of 2.0?

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		~~ Best of wishes

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