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Re: I'm in Love... KDE 4.3.1

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____/ Homer on Wednesday 09 Sep 2009 00:22 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Peter KÃhlmann spake thusly:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> < snip >
>>> I would personally be interested in knowing why Moonlight requires
>>> Mono. Who decided on the design of 2.0?
>> That one is simple: Silverlight is based on .NET, and the only .NET
>> implementation on linux is Mono
> The same thing was said about Tomboy, until an ex-Novell employee ported
> it to C++ and and Gtk (Gnote).
>> Moonlight is actually working quite well. And I don't see any reason
>> to talk about it in the way you do
> The issue is the company whose technology it implements, not the code.

It promotes non-Free codecs, software, and de facto standards that are hidden and 
always changing. There are also patents, which are owned by this company:

*Microsoft and A Patent Checkmate of My Dreams*

"Microsoft tried to auction off some patents that they claim relate to Linux. 
Patent trolls could have bought them. Instead Open Invention Network (OIN) got 
them. Why would Microsoft wish to get rid of 22 patents that it presumably could 
sue Linux over? Let's try to imagine what might have happened.

"Let's pretend you are Microsoft, and you want to be evil. Of course, Microsoft 
never would be. They are internationally known for fair dealing with all their 
competition, particularly Linux. But let's pretend.

"OK. So you are Evil Microsoft and you decide it's too difficult and dangerous to 
sue Linux yourself. Antitrust annoyances, counterclaims, and PR and all that. What 
to do with that patent portfolio to really cause trouble for Linux, without having 
your fingerprints all over it?

"Eureka! You could sell the patents to patent trolls, and let *them* be the bad 
guys. Is that not perfect if you are evil? Not that Microsoft would ever be evil. 
We all know there is a New Microsoft in the land."


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