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Re: I'm in Love... KDE 4.3.1

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____/ TomB on Tuesday 08 Sep 2009 22:15 : \____

> On 2009-09-08, the following emerged from the brain of Peter KÃhlmann:
>> Well, the idea was to put config data into a SQL database.
>> And, and this is real important, to have the choice to retain the file
>> config scheme KDE now has or use the database scheme.
>> Again that "choice thingy" Hadron Snot Quark is so afraid of
> In a way it makes sense to put KDE's config in a database; after all
> it is a graphical environment, so most users will configure it through
> the graphical interfaces anyway. As long as this approach doesn't
> spread to actual system configuration I'm happy. I *don't* want to
> configure my web server though SQL queries :-p

Amarok uses databases too. JOINs must be faster that way... than many human-
readable text files. Are desktop settings so massive that they need a database?

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