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Re: More Vista 7 Goodness

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____/ Lusotec on Wednesday 09 Sep 2009 01:42 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Microsoft won't do NFS. See the latest ECIS complaint against Microsoft.
>> Gates admitted that they just try to screw Oracle and Sun.
> Network File System or NFS would have been better called Network *Unix* File
> System. It is a networked implementation of the usual unix FS operations.
> This fact made it easy to implement efficiently in all Unix like OSs and
> presented a problem for Microsoft. Microsoft wanted to increase it very
> small share of the server market and for that they needed to fighting
> against *nix. In a plain leveled field that would be a hopeless fight.
> One possible way to increase the odds would be to make its Windows OS,
> already dominant in desktop market, not talk with all those *nix file and
> print servers, at least not easily. For that Microsoft excluded NFS support
> from Windows and created a replacement, SMB, and kept its protocol closed.
> For IT departments, replacing servers is easier than replacing desktops,
> thus the "solution" was to have some Windows server around to serve those
> Windows desktops.
> The lesson to take from this is not to get tied to a closed platform, close
> protocol, or closed file format.
> Regards.

"Every line of code that is written to our standards is a small victory; every line 
of code that is written to any other standard, is a small defeat."

                                --James Plamondon, Microsoft Technical Evangelist. 
- From Exhibit 3096; Comes v. Microsoft litigation

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