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Re: [News] [Rival] Linux Foundation Finds Out That Microsoft Hatred is Not a Disease

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____/ wispygalaxy on Saturday 12 Sep 2009 00:07 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Protecting Linux from Microsoft (Yes, Microsoft Got Caught)
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journalâs Nick Wingfield broke a
>> | story on Microsoft selling a group of patents to a third party. The end
>> | result of this story is good for Linux, even though it doesnât placate
>> | fears of ongoing attacks by Microsoft. Open Invention Network, working
>> | with its members and the Linux Foundation, pulled off a coup, managing
>> | to acquire some of the very patents that seem to have been at the heart
>> | of recent Microsoft FUD campaigns against Linux. Break out your white
>> | hats: the good guys won.
>> `----
> That was a great piece by Jim Zemlin.  He tells it like it is.  I always
> enjoyed his stuff.  :)
> FTA: "Itâs time for Microsoft to stop secretly attacking Linux while
> publicly claiming to want interoperability. Letâs hope that Microsoft
> decides going forward to actually try to win in the marketplace, rather
> than continuing to distract and annoy us with their tricky patent schemes."
> Microsoft reminds me of the two-faced girls that I went to school with.  
> second, they are saying that they want to be your friend; the next second,
> they are enviously talking about you behind your back.  haha
>> Linux Foundation to Microsoft: stop secretly attacking Linux
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin issued a scathing
>> | condemnation of Microsoft's recent attempts to unload Linux-related
>> | patents to patent trolls. He calls for the company to "stop secretly
>> | attacking Linux" and compete on the basis of quality rather than FUD.
>> `----
> Look at the picture in the story.  Poor Tux!  :(
> I know Tux won't stand for that kind of abuse.  lol

Microsoft helps encourage coalitions against it, such as OIN, LF, LiMo, and 
OSI. The industry is fed up with this bully.

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