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Re: [News] [Rival] Linux Foundation Finds Out That Microsoft Hatred is Not a Disease

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____/ Homer on Sunday 27 Sep 2009 20:22 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Timmy spake thusly:
>> Too bad he doesn't bother to actually cite any evidence. The notion
>> that the intent of Microsoft was for the patents to end up at a
>> "patent troll" is pure speculation.
> Bullshit.
> Microsoft have a documented aggressive agenda of antagonism towards Free
> Software. The precedent has already been firmly established, so claiming
> that a continuation of this behaviour is "pure speculation" is more than
> disingenuous, it's blatantly misleading.
> If a paedophile is released from prison, and people in his neighbourhood
> voice their concern about the risk this presents to their children, does
> that concern represent "pure speculation"?
> So how is this any different to consideration of the threat presented by
> a multiple convicted monopolist, like Microsoft?

Red Hat knew more than Timmy when it wrote about that incident and called it 
"Microsoft FUD" without qualm. It was Red Hat's legal team.

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