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[News] Latest gOS GNU/Linux is Reviewed

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Review: gOS - The Cloud Distro 

,----[ Quote ]
| I make extensive use of google services because these services allow the things I 
| need to be available to me regardless of where I am. I recently had to update some 
| lists and logged on from an internet cafe to complete the work. gOS is, in my 
| opinion, the most flexible LiveCD when it comes to cloud computing. It's also the 
| first LiveCD that I have used without needing to spend the better part of an hour 
| tweaking settings just to make the system usable.



gOS 3.1 Google Gadgets - Linux with style

,----[ Quote ]
| gOS Linux is definitely one of the better-looking distributions available.
| Even if looks mean little to you, you'll find its functionality of great use.
| Most everything works out of the box or takes mere seconds to configure.
| There's no need to dabble in the command line, even though you can treat gOS
| as any other Linux.
| Wireless, Bluetooth, web camera, codecs, all there and ready for you. On top
| of these, you get quick links to the whims of the modern youth, Blogger,
| Youtube and whatnot, and some Google products. On top of all these, you get
| the adamant stability and simplicity of Ubuntu and the tremendous
| APT/Synaptic package management.


gOS 3.1 Gadgets OS Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Before I get into this review let me be clear that gOS is not "Google OS." It
| is not put out by Google so nobody should be confused by its name. gOS stands
| for "Good OS" though it does contain a lot of links to Google Web apps,
| Google Gadgets, and the option to add Google Gears is found on its app menu
| list.
| gOS is based on Ubuntu 8.04 and thus offers all of the advantages of an
| Ubuntu based system. This version of gOS includes Wine 1.0 as well as
| Mozilla's Prism. Wine lets you easily run Windows apps and Prism lets you run
| Web apps on your gOS desktop.


Review: On Atom, gOS Is Good

,----[ Quote ]
| Taipei, Taiwan-based Good OS was formed as an operating system software
| company whose first product, gOS, is built on the Linux platform.
| Touted as "Linux for the rest of us," gOS had its beginnings a little more
| than a year ago as the operating system on the widely publicized Everex gPC,
| which sold for $199 in Wal-Mart stores. Currently in its third version,
| called gOS 3.0 Gadgets, the OS now heavily features widgets from Google
| Gadgets for many of the included applications.


gOS Gadgets aims Ubuntu at cloud computing

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall, gOS represents an intriguing Ubuntu re-spin. Its most significant
| contribution will probably be its use as a proof-of-concept platform for
| netbooks, netpads, and MIDs intended to run mostly web-based applications â
| what might be called mobile âcloud computingâ devices.


gOS and a bag full of mostly goodies

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, I have to say that I did go and look at gOS Gadgets...and downloaded
| it...and installed it on my daughter's computer: P4 1.2Ghz or thereabouts,
| with 768Mb RAM and a 64Mb ATI video card. The following is not in any
| particular order and I've included pros and cons as I've gone along.
| [...]
| So, would I recommend it? Yes. Do I like it? Yes. More importantly, do my
| children like it? A resounding YES!


GOS 3 is Still the Best Linux OS

,----[ Quote ]
| A few months back I wrote a review about gOS on one of my blogs which
| received some raving reviews. I did not just review it, but decided to start
| using it as my default Linux desktop. So here is what I think after a month
| of using it as a default desktop.
| I am currently running gOS Gadgets 3.x on my system with 2GHz of memory on a
| 1.8GHz Core2Duo Intel Processor. The laptop has 250GB of hard disk space
| partitioned into three separate drives.


gOS 3 - the most beautiful Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Over all, I give it a complete thumbs up and I recommend that everyone who is
| interested to use something other than Microsoft should give it a try.
| Especially those who cannot afford to buy licenced windows.


gOS 3.0 Gadgets ScreenShots

,----[ Quote ]
| I could not believe that gOS 3.0 was a Linux Distro when I saw it on
| DistroWatch. So I said why not let me give it a try. Let me tell you I am
| glad I did! This distro is amazingly fast and extremely easy to use. This
| distro is perfect for the Asus EEEpc, especially for newbies just joining
| Linux or for users who are just tired of Microsoft Windows. The apps are easy
| to use as they are on my MAC. The fact that gOS makes extremely good use of
| Wine 1.0 which make it easy to install Windows Applications. The install was
| quick and simple, which is very important for people just joining the Linux
| Community. Well I hope you enjoy the installation ScreenShots below as well
| as some action shots.


gOS 3: Is it better than Ubuntu?

,----[ Quote ]
| gOS is a lot of Ubuntu, a drop of Mac OS X and a slice of the web. And it
| certainly has a future in  this new world of mobility oriented hardware. It
| wonât replace my Ubuntu installation right now, but Iâm keeping this baby on
| a small partition and anxiously waiting for the next version.


Impressions: gOS 3 Gadgets BETA

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall gOS is great. It does try a little too much to be like a mac, with
| the dock on the bottom, the one bar on top, and moving the window buttons
| from the top right to the top left. None of these things are standard in
| Ubuntu, but they arenât enough to keep me from thinking that the new gOS is a
| keeper.


Linux distro targets netbook OEMs

,----[ Quote ]
| gOS 3.0 comes standard with a Google Gadget install application offering more
| than 50 Gadgets. Running directly on the desktop, the Gadgets can be quickly
| toggled on and off all at once via an icon in the system "tray." Meanwhile,
| a "Gadget Browser" makes the process of adding new Gadgets to the desktop
| very simple indeed.


Using G OS 3.0 to access Google programs

,----[ Quote ]
| Before recent fuss over the new Google Chrome browser, I was looking at
| another new freebie that may give the average user a better idea of where the
| search giant is headed. And it isn't even a Google product.
| G OS 3.0 Gadgets is a Linux release, based on the pop/mainstream Ubuntu, that
| gives Google's various online strategies an opportunity to strut their stuff.
| It is designed for manufacturers of so-called netbooks, cheap small laptops
| like Asus EEE. When you're selling a PC for $350, you need a free operating
| system. For the rest of us, G OS can be downloaded (think gos.com) and run
| directly from a CD or thumb drive, or you can install direct to the hard
| drive.


gOS 3 Google Gadgets Review

,----[ Quote ]
| This weekend I decided to take the Linux distribution known as gOS 3.0 beta
| for a spin. The gOS is an Ubuntu 8.04.1 derivative that shows some promise
| with itâs integration of Web applications. Although they are not affilated
| with Google, gOS has incorporated many Google online tools into their
| desktop.
| [...]
| In conclusion I think gOS has some merits. Trying to free some of the Web
| applications from the browser sometimes (like in RSS newsreaders) makes
| sense. Adding WINE is also a plus for new Windows switchers. Having MP3
| playback and Flash working out of the box is also helpful for newbies. Other
| than the wireless issue noted above I didnât have any problems running the
| system and I greatly prefer the theme over what Hardy has. Give this
| distribution a try and see what you think.


Running gOS 3 Beta from USB stick

,----[ Quote ]
| The San Francisco-based company announced the details of gOS 3 Gadgets, the
| newest version of its Linux operating system for consumers, this month. The
| main feature of gOS 3 Gadgets is its ability to instantly launch Google
| Gadgets for Linux on start-up, allowing users access to more than 100,000
| iGoogle and Google Gadgets applications.
| The new distribution gOS 3 Gadgets BETA is based on Ubuntu 8.04.1 and is able
| to interact with Google Documents, Calendar and Mail. The newest release of
| WINE 1.0 is included to now support thousands of Windows software. The new
| operation system will also be loaded with Lightweight X Desktop Environment
| (LXDE) and other Google software for Linux to improve the user experience.


First Look: The gOS 3 Operating System

,----[ Quote ]
| The gOS operating system is an open source Ubuntu derivative published by
| Emeryville, Calif.-based Good OS LLC. gOS gained fame when it showed up in a
| line of inexpensive computers sold at Wal-Mart. As a longtime Ubuntu user,
| I've known and used some of its derivatives, such as Kubuntu. However, this
| time, I decided to give gOS a spin.
| The version of gOS I used, gOS 3 Gadgets, is built with components from
| Ubuntu 8.04's ("Hardy Heron") repositories. Despite the gOS name and
| integration with Google online apps, the company that makes gOS has no
| affiliation with Google.


Review : gOS 3 Gadgets(beta)

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall comparing with gOS 2.0 , there has been number of important changes
| in gOS 3.0.gOS 3.0 is has become extremely user friendly and feature rich,
| and is probably one of the simplest distribution available for Linux Newbies
| to get themselves acquainted with.


A video tour of gOS Gadgets 3 (beta)

,----[ Quote ]
| gOS is an interesting Ubuntu GNU/Linux offshoot. We've reviewed it and
| interviewed gOS founder Daniel Liu. Now, in this video, you can see the
| distro in action before you decide whether it is something you want to
| download and play with for yourself. Remember that this video was made with a
| beta version of gOS Gadgets 3, so some features don't work correctly that
| will almost certainly be just fine in the final version. That caveat given,
| here's the video.


gOS 3 Gadgets (beta) targets Linux beginners and Google Gadgets lovers

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're looking for a beginner-level GNU/Linux distribution, or one that is
| heavily focused on Internet services, gOS 3.0 is for you. Otherwise, this
| distro won't do much to steal you away from your current one, especially
| since this is mostly a rebranded and rethemed Ubuntu 8.04 with Google Gadgets
| and services thrown in. Still, as a simplistic Web desktop with Google
| Gadgets installed by default, gOS 3.0 may be worth a look.

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