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[News] Heaps of Good News for Free Software

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Looking a gift horse in the mouth.

,----[ Quote ]
| Let me expand on that last sentence as it is important. Open source software is 
| available for use. It is free due to the conscious decision of the programmer(s). 
| It is able to provide functions equivalent to or better than proprietary software. 
| It is supported and maintained by the programmer(s) for free because they want to. 
| The programmers of that open source software are happy that we use their software. 
| It is not the end users fault to wish to use that free software for any reason. 


Which Would You Rather Have Working for You? Open Source Offerings at the Ohio Linuxfest.

,----[ Quote ]
| Investing in people instead of software licenses makes the most fiscal sense in 
| a recession. System administrators employed by companies who invest in them are 
| loyal, empowered, and available to respond to the occasional business crisis. 
| Those who are trained to support free and open source solutions bring their own 
| expertise to your organization. The Ohio LinuxFest is an affordable training 
| opportunity for those interested in learning about free and open source 
| software. www.ohiolinux.org


Effective Open Source: Anchor House Hostel shortlisted for best use of technology

,----[ Quote ]
| September 2nd 2009: Anchor House , a hostel and life skills centre for homeless 
| adults based in Canning Town has reached the final of the Charity Times Awards 2009 
| for its effective use of open source technologies.


Technology will be jointly developed with The Climate Registry`s software partner, Misys Open Source Solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| The Climate Registry, a standards-setting organization for greenhouse gas (GHG) 
| emissions reporting in North America, announced the next generation of its 
| online emissions reporting system, supporting both voluntary and mandatory 
| reporting, will be developed through a new technical partnership with Misys Open 
| Source Solutions, a division of Misys plc, a premier IT solution and services 
| company. The new version of The Climate Registry system is due for release in 
| early 2010. It will feature robust and flexible technology capable of 
| introducing a new level of efficiency. The announcement comes at a critical time 
| as a growing number of companies begin relying on voluntary GHG emissions 
| reporting to meet internal operational, analytical and environmental goals. 


iCIMS Adopts SpringSource Hyperic HQ to Manage and Monitor Infrastructure Powering 3,000 Customer Websites

,----[ Quote ]
| SpringSource, the leader in Java application infrastructure and management, 
| today announced that iCIMS, the third-largest provider of Software-as-a-Service 
| (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions, has deployed SpringSource Hyperic HQ, a key 
| part of SpringSource`s full solution set, which covers the entire build, run, 
| manage lifecycle for Java application development. SpringSource Hyperic HQ 
| monitors a variety of application performance metrics for iCIMS` 180 Apache 
| Tomcat servers that power 3,000 customer websites, enabling rapid remediation of 
| issues and providing data to help create new performance enhancements within
| iCIMS` offerings. 


CXF open source framework merges SOAP toolkit with Celtix ESB

,----[ Quote ]
| The history behind CXF is a fascinating study in the evolution of open source 
| development projects in our fast-moving times. The XFire project, originally 
| intended as a Java SOAP framework based on a high performance XML parser, 
| reached version 1.2.6 in May 2007 as an independent project hosted at the 
| Codehaus site. Further development of XFire then moved to the shelter of the 
| Apache Software Foundation, merging with the Celtix project as a standalone 
| Apache project called CXF. Some developers are still using the 1.2.6 version, 
| downloadable from Codehouse.


Meetings anywhere, anytime

,----[ Quote ]
| âMyMeeting became the first open source application by the Government of 
| Malaysia (GOM) to be licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 
| (GPLv2).


Security in Your Pocket: OpenBSD on ARM

,----[ Quote ]
| David Chisnall talks with Dale Rahn, the OpenBSD ARM port maintainer, about how 
| OpenBSD support for handheld systems has improved over recent years, and why 
| users and OEMs should consider it.

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