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Re: [News] New Push in the EU Encourages Commission to Make Unbundling a Reality

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Sunday 13 Sep 2009 21:04 : \____

> Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>> High Plains Thumper belched:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> Peter Kohlmann on Saturday:
>>>>> *A* computer, yes Not a computer you would want, though.
>>>>>  Most of those are rather old types, and too expensive
>>>>> for the power they have.
>>>>> And you certainly can't go into one of the big
>>>>> electronic markets and get *any* computer without OS.
>>>>> Simply impossible in germany
>>>> Same in the UK.
>>> Same in the US, IMO, with walk-in city stores.  Clone
>>> dealers have disappeared from the landscape due to cheap
>>> buys in department stores and on-line.
>>> One can buy white box PC's from TigerDirect.com, but they
>>> appear mostly to be a clearing house for other's excesses.
>> Indeed.  My motherboard boots with a message "Not engineered
>> for production use."
>> Works great, though... I love my 64-bit Linux system.
> Haven't that BIOS message, interesting but benign.  I might
> upgrade the MOBO by Christmas, the 64-bit systems have dropped
> considerably in price.  May go AMD instead of Intel, I think they
> have an edge.
>>> I foresee more games being ported to Linux in the near
>>> future. The era of Microsoft operating systems is coming to
>>> a close, just as the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
>>> came to a close.  I believe the future is in Linux and Unix.
>>> Those who have lost financially due to compromised Windows
>>> systems are the new choir. I see a new generation of Linux
>>> and Unix converts.
>> I do too, but I do think Windows will be around for long time
>> to come, simply because it is a de facto standard.  Surely, if
>> Microsoft falls, others will buy them out an continue making
>> Windows systems, and probably making them better than
>> Microsoft has.  But the market will (finally) be balanced.
>> Right now, it is still quite pathological.
> Oh, I don't know.  Remember that 8-bit CP/M was around and fell
> into disuse for desktops.  A lean and mean Linux / Unix system on
> 64-bits will really sing in comparison to Windows.  IMHO, why
> Microsoft fears Linux is that once it catches on with the masses,
> will be like wild fire.  That's why one sees Windows XP sold for
> a song, encouraging OEM's to upgrade SSDD to 100+ GB hard disks
> and 1 GB RAM, to snuff out the Linux netbook.  Now that ARM
> netbooks are making circulation, will fill the gap left by
> discontinuing Linux Intel SSDD netbooks.
> Problem with those hard disk + extra RAM upgrades is that one
> loses the energy efficiency.  SSDD Linux on a netbook gave one
> great advantage, long battey life, in some cases as much as 8
> hours up time without charge.  That could be important for
> someone spend a lot of time in the field, say a petroleum
> engineer, surveyor, forester, cathodic protection specialist, or
> real estate professional.
> FAT netbooks (pun intended) just don't cut it.

They cut Microsoft's profit by a third. 

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