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[News] Cisco Uses Linux in Routers for Business

  • Subject: [News] Cisco Uses Linux in Routers for Business
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 10:53:32 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Cisco Pursues Small Business With Linux Routers

,----[ Quote ]
| At the heart of many Cisco enterprise routers is the IOS 
| operating system that it developer. When it comes to small 
| business, however, Cisco isn't pushing IOS -- instead, it's new 
| small business router is powered by Linux.
| Cisco today announced a new set of small business networking 
| products including the SA 500-series security appliances, 
| designed to provide unified threat management (UTM) 
| capabilities. The SA 500-series routers provide the usual UTM 
| combination of features including firewall, VPN, antispam, URL 
| filtering and antivirus capabilities. 



Cisco Systems: Falling for Red Hat?

,----[ Quote ]
| Still, Cisco has signed on as a visionary sponsor for Red Hat Summit. And
| Mark Fulgham, VP of Ciscoâs Data Center Emerging Technologies Central
| Marketing Organization, will give a keynote at the event.


Cisco, Red Hat in the Cloud: Friends or Enemies?

,----[ Quote ]
| What is the operating system of the cloud? Linux vendor Red Hat would like it
| to be Linux. But networking giant Cisco, despite working closely with Red Hat
| in a number of areas, may be going another direction entirely.
| Both Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) and Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) were busy last week with
| their own respective cloud-related initiatives. Red Hat launched a new cloud
| certification program while Cisco outlined its go-to-market cloud strategy.
| Is there an intersection between the two vendors and their cloud initiatives?


Cisco offers Linksys 802.11n router with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The choice of Linux still allows for media sharing and, through USB storage,
| can share media to any computer or other device that recognizes UPnP.
| Security is also as advanced as other routers with a single-button Wi-Fi
| Protected Setup link for those computers that support it. Cisco's latest
| hardware should be available today and sells for $120.


Cisco releases Linux-powered 802.11n router and media-server

,----[ Quote ]
| At first glance that may not seem that interesting. But, this isnât just a
| new Wi-Fi router with Linux. Cisco, via its Linksys subsidiary has long been
| offering users Linux-powered, hackable Wi-Fi routers like the WRT54GL. But,
| this one also includes integrated Storage Link functionality that lets you
| use inexpensive USB storage devices as NAS (Network Attached Storage) and a
| built-in media-sharing server that Cisco says can handle video, photo, and
| music sharing.


Cisco AXP Contest Field Narrowed to Top 10

,----[ Quote ]
| Companies are growing more comfortable with the concept of open source
| development, but they don't always approach it in the same way. Some try to
| build communities; some try to work in-house first then slowly branch out,
| and some just jump in with both feet and swim in the deep end from day one.


Them's Fightin' Words: Cisco Says HP-Microsoft Alliance Cuts Out Partners

,----[ Quote ]
| Cisco Systems called out Hewlett-Packard's and Microsoft's $180 million
| unified communications and collaboration alliance, saying it leaves partners
| out of the loop and that neither company has the networking chops to support
| the solutions.


Cisco whinges about Microsoft-HP alliance



Cisco finds that it's not so easy working with Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Apparently Microsoft has "taken limited steps to share users' presence and
| availabilty information," for fear of losing its ability to own all of the
| client.  
| Someone should tell Chambers that in reality it's not so easy working with
| Microsoft.  


Cisco CEO Says Microsoft Screws Its Partners Everytime...Just Like Apple.

,----[ Quote ]
| If partnering with Microsoft is not a win-win then it must be a win-loseâin
| Microsoftâs favor of course.


Cisco CEO: 'Microsoft Has Given Us a Three-Year Lead'

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has given us a three-year lead. And we've never lost a
| game when we've had a three-year lead... It's a battle we fully
| intend to win.


Microsoft's Worst Nightmare (Nope, Not Google)

,----[ Quote ]
| The Cisco/Linksys drive into the home follows an absolutely miserable
| effort by Microsoft, which had a first-mover advantage but blew it in
| favor of its Xbox gaming play. Maybe Microsoft figured the timing just
| wasn't right. In any case, Microsoft angered a lot of digital home
| integrators who were hoping for some support to break open the
| market.


Cisco benefits as Microsoft keeps moving the goalposts

,----[ Quote ]
| Forced between choosing between unified comms vendors, many users
| are reluctantly opting to use an alternative to Microsoft. Others,
| it seems, are a lot less disappointed.
| [...]
| The Microsoft partner confessed that Cisco is the preferred option. "Cisco
| has a better track record of consistency on upgrades. Whereas Microsoft?s
| new products can be a completely different kettle of fish from the last,"
| he said.


Cisco, Microsoft, Others Get Together On Security

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft, Cisco Systems and the open-standards Trusted Computing
| Group each developed their own NAC approaches, which use a variety
| of software and hardware to boost network security.


Can Microsoft and Cisco Still Be Pals?

,----[ Quote ]
| That puts it in direct competition with Microsoft, which is No. 2
| with its Live Meeting service. Microsoft's big push will come in
| June when it begins producing a host of products, including Microsoft
| Office Communicator 2007.


Why the world needs openness, not interoperability.

,----[ Quote ]
| This NAC/NAP lovefest would be laughable if it weren't such
| a kick-in-the-teeth to the rest of the industry, enterprise IT, and
| all Internet users. A Cisco/Microsoft oligopoly stalls implementation,
| stifles innovation, and makes the network less secure. In this way, Cisco
| and Microsoft are standing in the way of progress.

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