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[News] The UK is Trying to Quietly DRM Television

  • Subject: [News] The UK is Trying to Quietly DRM Television
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 11:36:27 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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License to Kill Innovation: the Broadcast Flag for UK Digital TV?

,----[ Quote ]
| In the United States, rightsholders claimed that without 
| DRM, digital TV would herald an age of uncontrolled piracy 
| and they would have no choice but to boycott a flag-less 
| terrestrial digital TV transition. At the time, one of EFF's 
| counter-arguments pointed to the movie companies' continuing 
| involvement in an earlier, successful, and DRM-free digital 
| TV model - in Britain, which began to switch digital TV in 
| 2007. We called the rightsholders' bluff. Despite their 
| bluster, they continue to participate, and profit, in both 
| British and American digital TV markets.
| It turns out that the sky does not fall if Hollywood doesn't 
| control your home devices. The British and American 
| experiences prove that. Ofcom and the BBC should stand firm 
| to their commitment to the historical success and the future 
| public interest of British terrestrial TV, and refuse to 
| create this license to kill innovation.


Broadcast flag rears vile head, bars viewer from recording

,----[ Quote ]
| Is the broadcast flag rearing its ugly head yet again over a 
| show about a California motorcycle gang trying to keep the 
| lid on cops, druggies, and "corporate developers"? One Ars 
| reader had his analog hole unwillingly plugged when he tried 
| to record Sons of Anarchy last week.



No need to burn books you can't read - DRM and public libraries

,----[ Quote ]
| As my correspondent says: "After all that I still couldn't open the document
| (which I've only opened once before) and got this. Now I know I haven't
| opened the document at another computer because this is my only computer with
| a printer - so I didn't open it anywhere else. I am never using this service
| again. The British Library, Microsoft and Adobe can go shove their DRM up
| their document delivery service exit. "
| This, let me reiterate, is a public body providing publicly paid-for research
| to a highly-qualified professional engaged in impeccable work for the public
| service.
| It is hard to imagine something more expensive, condescending, inaccurate,
| frustrating and enraging â nor something better calculated to restrict
| knowledge and broadcast ignorance.
| It's almost as if the parties involved actively want to prevent people
| learning. It certainly feels that way.


Amazon ate my homework, or why DRM stinks for education

,----[ Quote ]
| The phrase âAmazon ate my homeworkâ may certainly have been uttered on more
| than one occasion since the New York Times reported on Amazonâs deletion of
| specific editions of George Orwellâs Animal Farm and 1984 from Kindle e-book
| readers (and no, the irony wasnât lost on anybody). Unless you live under a
| rock, you know that this has been a bit of a discussion topic in the
| blogosphere. However, the first time Iâd heard it put that way was in an
| email exchange on which I was lurking today, when Daniel Dern, an independent
| technology writer, made specific reference to the notes/annotations lost by a
| particular student.

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