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Re: Palms dumps Windows Mobile as losses increase

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____/ Terry Porter on Friday 18 Sep 2009 11:08 : \____

> Expect to see more companies dumping MS Windows in favor of Linux ....
> begin{quote}
>  By Iain Thomson
> Sep 18, 2009 10:52 AM
> Tags: company | palms | quarter | webos | mobile | palm
> Companyâs future will be entirely webOS.
> Palm has said that it will be dropping the Windows Mobile operating
> system in favour of its own webOS platform.
> Speaking at its quarterly earnings conference call Palmâs chief executive
> said that the company was going to focus exclusively on the webOS
> platform that is behind its Pre and Pixi handsets.
> âWe're launching more great Palm webOS products with more carriers, and
> turning our sights toward growth," said Jon Rubinstein, chairman and
> chief executive officer.
> "We're making significant progress with Palm's transformation, and our
> culture of innovation is stronger than ever.
> Rubinstein said that the company was seeing stronger than expected demand
> from the business community for its Pre device. The news will be a blow
> to Microsoft, which is losing support for its mobile platform, one of
> whose key selling points was its appeal to enterprise managers.
> Palmâs quarterly results were however disappointing. The company posted
> its eighth successive quarterly loss, and this quarter it lost US$164.5
> million, compared to being US$41.9 million in the red this time last year.
> The company reported 823,000 sales of smartphones, up 134 per cent on the
> last quarter, largely because buyers held off from purchases while
> waiting for the Pre. However, year on year sales were down 30 per cent.
> The next quarter is going to be crucial for Palmâs future. The fourth
> quarter of the year is the strongest time for handset sales but Palm is
> facing stiff competition from the iPhone, as well as from new Android
> handseta from Motorola and LG.
> Copyright  2009 v3.co.uk
> end{quote}
> http://www.itnews.com.au/News/156118%2Cpalms-dumps-windows-mobile-as-losses-increase.aspx

I can't find a comment from Microsoft.

Palm dumps Windows Mobile

,----[ Quote ]
| PALM HAS SAID that it will be dropping the 
| Windows Mobile operating system in favour 
| of its own webOS platform.


Palm Pre beats expectations, drops WiMo to focus on WebOS

,----[ Quote ]
| Part of that strategy involves dumping any 
| distractions, including both the companyâs original 
| Palm OS and the Windows Mobile partnership that Palm 
| forged with Microsoft in 2006, a year before Rubinstein 
| arrived. Palmâs 
| support for Windows Mobile helped nearly double 
| Microsoftâs market share at the time.


Will Microsoft's already-minuscule market share in phones drop to 3%?

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