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[News] Another Ringleader of Phorm Worm Quits, Other Cable Abuse Sighted

  • Subject: [News] Another Ringleader of Phorm Worm Quits, Other Cable Abuse Sighted
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 14:34:03 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Ex-BT tech chief quits Phorm

,----[ Quote ]
| Stratis Scleparis, the former BT Retail chief 
| technology officer who joined Phorm after overseeing 
| secret trials of its web monitoring and profiling 
| system, has quit the firm.


This may explain why BT chose to deploy the Phorm worm.

Cable: Let us lock down your TV (we'll offer movies sooner)

,----[ Quote ]
| Top reps from Time Warner Cable and the National Cable 
| and Telecommunications Association have met with the 
| FCC to back the MPAA's bid for selectable output 
| control. It's a sure sign that Big Content is still big 
| on this proposal, despite tons of opposition from 
| device makers and public interest groups. 


FCC To Further Investigate Janet Jackson Super Bowl Reveal

,----[ Quote ]
| The FCC has reasserted its power to regulate fleeting 
| nudity and says it wants to further investigate 
| "whether CBS' indecency violation [in the Janet 
| Jackson/Justin Timberlake Super Bowl reveal] was 
| willful."



Phorm shares fall as BT opts out

,----[ Quote ]
| Shares in the online ad firm Phorm have fallen by more than 40% after BT said
| it had no immediate plans to use the service that tracks online behaviour.


Phorm incinerates $50m in 12 months

,----[ Quote ]
| Phorm was forced into deep cost-cutting after its controversial battle to
| monitor and profile web users burned through an average of more than $4m per
| month last year, its financial results today reveal.
| [....]
| On Tuesday the Commission in London said it had received a response from the
| government to its formal letter in April and was considering its next move.
| The government told privacy campaigners it would not make public the content
| of the response


Phorm gets Â15m lifeline

,----[ Quote ]
| It'll use the cash to cover its operating costs while ISPs continue to mull
| its web monitoring and profiling system.


Meet Phorm's PR genius

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, Phorm's public image has had a bit of bother from the European
| Commission, so it would sort of make sense.
| And this couldn't be the same "PR guru" Patrick Robertson who orchestrated
| the Â200,000 campaign by Tory grandees against the extradition of ex-Chilean
| dictator General Augusto Pinochet, could it?


Using the Internet To Subvert Democracy

,----[ Quote ]
| All the recent talk about various polls and elections being pranked or
| hijacked, serious and silly alike, prompted me to write an article about the
| technical realities behind online polling, and the political fallout of ever
| becoming subject to online voting for serious elections



Brits Back Away From 'Big Brother' Data Storage Plan

,----[ Quote ]
| The government said in October it was considering a central database of phone
| and Internet traffic as part of a high-tech strategy to fight terrorism and
| crime.
| However, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said Monday the plan had been dropped.


Foolish Phorm

,----[ Quote ]
| Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. âSmear campaignâ - not much constructive
| engagement there with your critics there, is there? And what on earth
| are âprivacy piratesâ? People who steal privacy? Er, wouldn't that be Phorm?
| And if you have any doubt that Phorm is totally clueless about how to deal
| with the criticism it is receiving over its activities, you only have to
| notice the âGet the Factsâ button attached to the alleged instances
| of âsmearsâ: didn't they notice the blanket ridicule that was poured on
| Microsoft's similar attempt to spin?
| And what might those âsmearsâ be?


Phorm and the Home Office: cold comfort to citizens

,----[ Quote ]
| Youâll probably have read today that leaked emails have shown that  the Home
| Office worked with Phorm to offer advice that would give âcomfortâ to their
| investors. We condemn this approach to law enforcement: the Home Officeâs job
| is to uphold the law: not to reinterpret it for commercial interests.


Home Office 'colluded with Phorm'

,----[ Quote ]
| The Home Office has been accused of colluding with online ad firm Phorm
| on "informal guidance" to the public on whether the company's service is
| legal.
| E-mails between the ministry and Phorm show the department asking if the firm
| would be "comforted" by its position.
| The messages show Phorm making changes to the guidance sought by the
| ministry.


Plan to monitor all internet use

,----[ Quote ]
| Communications firms are being asked to record all internet contacts between
| people as part of a modernisation in UK police surveillance tactics.


Britain in the dock over secret tracking of internet accounts

,----[ Quote ]
| Fears that Britain is slipping into a surveillance society have been
| heightened by Brussels initiating legal action after declaring that UK laws
| guaranteeing data protection were âstructurally flawedâ and well below the
| European standard.


EC starts legal action over Phorm

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Commission has started legal action against Britain over the
| online advertising technology Phorm.
| It follows complaints to the EC over how the behavioural advertising service
| was tested on BT's broadband network without the consent of users.


EU slaps UK over Phorm fiasco


Brussels to sue UK over Phorm failures


EU Probes UK Over Internet Privacy


Wikimedia becomes latest to ban Phorm

,----[ Quote ]
| The Wikimedia Foundation has asked Phorm to exclude all its domains and
| websites - including Wikipedia - from Phorm's BT trials, because it considers
| such scanning to be an infringement of its users' privacy.


Wikimedia Foundation opting out of Phorm


Amazon blocks Phorm adverts scan

,----[ Quote ]
| Amazon has said it will not allow online advertising system Phorm to scan its
| web pages to produce targeted ads.


Phorm director advises UK.gov broadband minister

,----[ Quote ]
| The Commission yesterday began infringement proceedings against the UK over
| the lack of a regulatory response to BT and Phorm's secret trials of internet
| interception and profiling technology in 2006 and 2007. The Department for
| Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) is coordinating the
| government's response, which if unsatisfactory could lead to heavy fines from
| the European Court of Justice.


Phorm eyes launch after hard year

,----[ Quote ]
| Online advertising firm Phorm is pressing ahead with plans to launch more
| than a year after it first drew criticism from some privacy advocates.


Big websites urged to avoid Phorm

,----[ Quote ]
| Seven of the UK's biggest web firms have been urged to opt out of a
| controversial ad-serving system.
| Phorm - aka Webwise - profiles users' browsing habits and serves up adverts
| based on which sites they visit.


Phorm CEO clashes with Berners-Lee at Parliament

,----[ Quote ]
| Berners-Lee gave a passionate explanation of why he does not believe ISPs
| should on principle be allowed to intercept and profile their customers'
| internet usage. "It is very important that when click we click without a
| thought that a third party knows what we're clicking on," he said. "I have
| come here to defend the internet as a medium."


Uh oh, Google goes all Phorm on your ass

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course Phorm is not alone in the behavioral advertising space, but it has
| pretty much dominated the media coverage of the market since it started. The
| British police even got involved after British Telecom conducted secret Phorm
| trials.
| Now Phorm can probably breathe a sigh of relief as someone more headline
| worthy enters the 'we will track your browsing patterns and throw adverts at
| you that are the best fit' market. That someone, unfortunately, being Google.
| Google has kind of quietly announced, via the official blog, that it will
| be 'making ads more interesting.' I can only assume that was a display of
| irony on the part of the writer at Google, one Susan Wojcicki, VP of Product
| Management.


Phorm Phorces Which? To Retract Critical Survey, Uses Defamation Threat

,----[ Quote ]
| The retraction came in so quick, we hadnât even seen the original press
| release. Under legal pressure, consumer mag Which? on Wednesday hastily
| called back a survey it issued indicating public opposition to on-ISP
| behavioural ad targeter Phorm. Which? sent the following statementâ
| âUrgent withdrawal of press release from Which? - Internet users say: donât
| sell my surfing habits. Which? has received further information and
| representations from Phorm about the proposed Webwise service, and it has
| agreed to withdraw the above press release, issued under embargo on 24
| February 2008, while we consider them. Some of the information in the press
| release and related article is said to be inaccurate and as a consequence may
| be defamatory. You are strongly urged not to write an article based on the
| press release or the related article âOnline privacy mattersâ in Which?
| magazine.â


More execs quit Phorm

,----[ Quote ]
| When half of Phorm's board quit earlier this month, it was spun as a strategy
| disagreement between the US and UK operations. But now the firm's
| London-based UK chief executive has quit too, along with its chief
| beancounter.


Bad Phorm: UK Police give green light to Internet spying

,----[ Quote ]
| The email is quoted by El Reg and states that "it has been decided that no
| Criminal Offence has been committed" and there was a "lack of Criminal Intent
| on behalf of BT and Phorm Inc in relation to the tests."
| The best bit, though, is the revelation that BT customers would have given
| implied consent to being spied upon without their knowledge because the aim
| of the tests was to enhance product quality.


Police close file on BT's trials

,----[ Quote ]
| The City of London Police have said there will be no formal investigation of
| BT over its secret trials of an ad monitoring system.


Phorm secretly tracked Americans too

,----[ Quote ]
| of British Telecom customers as part of its grand scheme to target online ads
| from inside the world's ISPs, it was "operating a number of public commercial
| services" on various stateside networks.


Spy fear over e-mail check plan

,----[ Quote ]
| Plans to give local councils and other public bodies the power to monitor
| e-mail and internet traffic have been branded a "snoopers' charter".
| The government wants to make it mandatory for phone and internet companies to
| store all information on personal web use for 12 months.


Bad Phorm: EU demands UK Government response on intrusive web ad tracking

,----[ Quote ]
| Controversial behavioral advertising targeting outfit Phorm, whose Webwise ad
| technology monitors user browsing habits to serve appropriate advertising
| messages, might have dragged the UK Government into a slugfest with the
| European Union over a possible breach of strict Euro data laws...


Controversial Ad Network Caught Editing Wikipedia

,----[ Quote ]
| Phorm has been beset by controversy for years over its business model and
| quietly-run trials on British Telecom's (BT) broadband service.

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