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[News] EFF Responds to Intellectual Monopolies Propaganda at Schools, Michael Robertson Exposes EMI Thugs

  • Subject: [News] EFF Responds to Intellectual Monopolies Propaganda at Schools, Michael Robertson Exposes EMI Thugs
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 14:36:14 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Back to school with RIAA-funded copyright curriculum

,----[ Quote ]
| School kids in American could certainly stand to learn 
| about copyright in the classroomâit's a fascinating 
| topic that increasingly impacts the life of every 
| "digital native" and intersects with law, history, art, 
| and technology. But should they be exposed to industry-
| funded materials meant to teach kids:
| That taking music without paying for it ("songlifting") 
| is illegal and unfair to others (RIAA)
| Why illegally downloading music hurts more people than 
| they think (ASCAP)
| How the DVD-sniffing dogs, Lucky and Flo, help uncover 
| film piracy (MPAA)
| To use problem-solving approaches to investigate and 
| understand film piracy (The Film Foundation)
| The importance of using legal software as well as the 
| meaning of copyright laws and why it's essential to 
| protect copyrighted works such as software (Business 
| Software Alliance)


The EFF has just created a response Web site.

Michael Robertson Wants To Crowdsource Proof Of EMI's Lies: You Lie EMI Bookmarklet Available

,----[ Quote ]
| EMI has been involved in a lawsuit with MP3Tunes for a 
| while now. The whole lawsuit seems weird, since 
| MP3Tunes is about creating a storage locker for the 
| songs you already have. But one of the points that 
| MP3Tunes made in response to EMI's claims is that EMI 
| was lying in saying that it has never authorized MP3s 
| to be available online.



Canadian Copyright Levy Group Wants New iPod Tax... But It's Not Really For The Artists

,----[ Quote ]
| But they're back at it again. And it's really no wonder.
| Already the cost of a blank CD in Canada has an astounding
| 90% of the price go to this levy. But what happens to all
| that money? Well, the CPCC claims that it needs this levy to
| sustain the livelihood of artists. That's also its reasoning
| for extending it to iPods. But, Howard Knopf dug into the
| numbers a bit and notes how laughable that claim is. First,
| CPCC claims that its brought in over $150 million from the
| blank CD levy, and handed it out to 97,000 rights holders
| "most of whom would not be able to continue their careers
| without this revenue."



The war on photographers - you're all al Qaeda suspects now


MPAA: We Don't Need No Stinking Evidence!

,----[ Quote ]
| You get some positive news, such as the Amicus brief filed by the EFF and
| others in the Jammie Thomas case, which could net her a new trial.
| But also on Friday, the MPAA filed its own brief, one which basically says it
| feels evidence isn't necessary in the case of one of its copyright
| infringement trials.

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