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[News] Publicly-funded Data is Forced to Go Public by Wikileaks

  • Subject: [News] Publicly-funded Data is Forced to Go Public by Wikileaks
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 14:43:03 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Britain's postal-code database online at Wikileaks: produced at public expense,
not owned by the public

,----[ Quote ]
| Wikileaks is hosting a copy of the "1,841,177 post codes 
| together with precise geographic coordinates and other 
| information" for the UK.



Germany deletes WikiLeaks.de domain after raid

,----[ Quote ]
| Acording to claims of German registration authority DENIC, the Wikileaks.de
| domain has been sent to DENIC by the Internet domain registrar, "Beasts
| Associated" and therefore is "In Transit". The registrar claims this had
| happened as a consequence of "contract breach" by the domain owner. WikiLeaks
| has open questions that cannot be answered at this point in time. It also
| remains unclear whether the "breach of contract" is related to content on the
| website or administrative issues. An update will be posted as soon as we have
| all information required to assess the situation.


Western internet censorship: The beginning of the end or the end of the

,----[ Quote ]
| Shortly after 9pm on Tuesday March 24, Wikileaks related buildings in Dresden
| and Jena, were raided by 11 plain clothes German police.
| Why?
| Over the last two years, Wikileaks has exposed detailed secret government
| censorship lists or plans for over eight countries, including Thailand, the
| United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Germany.
| Although Wikileaks' main site has been censored by the Chinese Public
| Security Bureau since early 2007, last week saw the site placed onto a secret
| list of sites "forbidden" by the Australian Media and Communications
| Authority, or ACMA.


German police boot down doors of Wikileaks offices

,----[ Quote ]
| Government's tendency to moprh from blocking "child porn" to censoring
| discussion of all government censorship was illustrated this week when German
| Police raided the offices of Wikileaks Germany.


Newsflash: German Wikileaks Domain Owner Raided At Home - ACMA Leak Blamed

,----[ Quote ]
| Early reports indicate that the home of the German WikiLeaks Domain owner has
| been raided by police investigating the ACMA list leak.


Facebook attacks UK gov't monitoring plans

,----[ Quote ]
| Social-networking site Facebook has criticized government suggestions that
| intelligence services should monitor the web communications of all UK
| citizens.
| Facebook chief privacy officer and head of global public policy Chris Kelly
| told ZDNet UK on Tuesday that the government proposals, which include
| monitoring social-networking sites, were excessive.


Why Barclays Are Barking

,----[ Quote ]
| Inevitably, a copy has made its way to Wikileaks; inevitably that link is
| being exposed all over the place, which has led to the site being overloaded
| (do make a donation if you can: I've given my widow's mite). Barclays Bank
| can apply for as many injunctions as they like, the judge can - and probably
| will - huff and puff as much as he/she likes, but the game's over: this stuff
| is out.
| And quite right too: these documents either show the bank engaged in
| something dodgy, in which case they should be published, or they don't, in
| which case there's no problem in them being public anyway, since the bank is
| asking for serious scads of public dosh, and is effectively being
| part-nationalised.


The State of the Database State

,----[ Quote ]
| A recurrent theme in these posts â and throughout Computerworld UK â has been
| the rise of vast, unnecessary and ultimately doomed databases in the UK.
| But those stories have been largely sporadic and anecdotal; what has been
| lacking has been a consolidated, coherent and compelling analysis of what is
| going on in this area â what is wrong, and how we can fix it.


Government databases slammed as illegal

,----[ Quote ]
| Of the 46 databases investigated, only six were found to conform to current
| human rights and data protection laws. Nearly twice as many are described
| as: "Almost certainly illegal under human rights or data protection law and
| should be scrapped or substantially redesigned." The remaining 29 databases
| all have significant problems.


Australia secretly censors Wikileaks press release and Danish Internet
censorship list, 16 Mar 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| The first rule of censorship is that you cannot talk about censorship.
| In late 2008, Wikileaks released the secret Internet censorship list for
| Denmark, together with a press release condemning the practice for lack of
| public or judicial oversight. Here's an extract from the press release:
|     The list is generated without judicial or public oversight and is kept
|     secret by the ISPs using it. Unaccountability is intrinsic to such a
|     secret censorship system.
|     Most sites on the list are still censored (i.e must be on the current
|     list), even though many have clearly changed owners or were possibly even
|     wrongly placed on the list, for example the Dutch transport company
|     Vanbokhorst.
|     The list has been leaked because cases such as Thailand and Finland
|     demonstrate that once a secret censorship system is established for
|     pornographic content the same system can rapidly expand to cover other
|     material, including political material, at the worst possible moment --
|     when government needs reform.
|     Two days ago Wikileaks released the secret Internet censorship list for
|     Thailand. Of the 1,203 sites censored this year, all have the internally
|     noted reason of "lese majeste" -- criticizing the Royal family. Like
|     Denmark, the Thai censorship system was originally promoted as a
|     mechanism to prevent the flow of child pornography.


Wikileaked donor list shames US lawmaker

,----[ Quote ]
| Financial data belonging to more than 4,700 donors of Republican Senate
| candidate Norm Coleman have been leaked to the internet following a breach of
| his campaign website that also made public the contact details of another
| 51,000 supporters.
| Two Microsoft Excel files containing the supporter information were recently
| posted on Wikileaks. One file contained the names, addresses, phone numbers,
| employers, email addresses, and partial credit card numbers of 4,721 people
| who had donated to Coleman. He's the incumbent US Senator who is still
| wrangling with comedian and talk-show host Al Franken for one of Minnesota's
| Senate seats.


How to Save Investigative Journalism

,----[ Quote ]
| At the same time, one of the best sources for investigative journalism,
| Wikileaks, is a bit short of dosh. Problem, meet solution: newspapers should
| fund Wikileaks.


UK Government Opens Up a Little More...Or Not

,----[ Quote ]
| That, too, is a pretty hopeful sign that someone, somewhere, is beginning to
| get this openness lark. In addition, these pages could become an important
| resource about the governmental use of open source in the UK. Interesting
| times.


Breaking: Wikileaks Missing


Wikileaks Publishes $1B Worth of Congressional Reports

,----[ Quote ]
| Wikileaks.org, the online clearinghouse for leaked documents, has published a
| complete database of Congressional Research Service reports, which are
| private research documents written for members of Congress and their
| staffers.
| The 6,780 reports date back to 1990 and comprise all of the digitized reports
| accessible by congressional offices, said Wikileaks, which estimated their
| value at US$1 billion. They do not contain classified material, but they do
| cover politically sensitive topics such as social policy, defense and foreign
| affairs.


Extreme Openness: the Rise of Wikileaks

,----[ Quote ]
| There is a long journalistic tradition of looking back at
| the end of the year over the major events of the preceding
| 12 months - one that I have no intention of following. But
| I would like to point out an important development in the
| world of openness that has occurred over that time-span:
| the rise and rise of Wikileaks.
| The site was actually founded two years ago, but most
| people (including myself) didn't really become aware of it
| until this year. Now Wikileaks is frequently to be found in
| the eye of the storm. Indeed, it seems consciously to be
| raising its sights ever higher: recently, it has published
| documents that are acutely embarrassing to the German and
| British governments.
| This is all good stuff, but I do worry that at some point
| the goading will get too much, and the needling too
| successful, until repressive governments like the one
| currently running the UK will fight back hard - citing the
| tired old tropes about "terrorism" or "child pornography"
| or maybe just "leaves on the track" - by ordering ISPs to
| block Wikileaks and any mirrors that pop up.


Breaking: Wikileaks Missing



Wikileaks Shutdown: Censorship Is Censorship

,----[ Quote ]
| If Wikileaks were a print publication, the injunction that has shut down the
| site would be unthinkable. Back in 1931, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a
| Minnesota law that allowed the closing of any "malicious, scandalous and
| defamatory" periodical. This court, by contrast, has not only barred future
| publication of the documents at issue but elected to put Wikileaks out of
| business.


Free Speech Advocates Mount Legal Battle to Unchain Wikileaks

,----[ Quote ]
| In Bank Julius Baer & Co., Ltd v. Wikileaks, et al, the plaintiff claims that
| the posting of certain documents to the Wikileaks site violated Swiss and
| Cayman Island bank secrecy laws.
| Judge Jeffrey White ordered domain registrar Dynadot to disable Wikileaks.org
| in response to Julius Baer & Co.'s complaint. The groups behind the request
| to lift the injunction claim that it violates the First Amendment.


WikiLeaks Under Fire

,----[ Quote ]
| The transparency group WikiLeaks.org currently seems to be under heavy fire.
| The main WikiLeaks.org DNS entry is unavailable, reportedly due to a
| restraining order relating to a series of articles and documents released by
| WikiLeaks about off-shore trust structures in the Cayman Islands. The
| WikiLeaks whistle blower, allegedly former vice president of the Cayman
| Islands branch of swiss bank Julius Baer, states in the WikiLeaks documents
| that the bank supported tax evasion and money laundering by its clients from
| around the world

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