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Re: [News] More Intel Chipsets to Boot Linux

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____/ 7 on Friday 18 Sep 2009 20:27 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> Intel, Phoenix Tie Atom, Pre-Boot Linux OS Together
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Phoenix Technologies said Wednesday that it has signed a
>> | partnership with Intel to supply its HyperSpace quick-boot
>> | technology as part of Intel's Atom desktop motherboards.
>> `----
>> http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2352950,00.asp
> Will they allow Linux engineers to dictate how the BIOS is written
> and what features it needs?
> Not a chance me thinks even though it will greatly expand Linux
> marketing and bring them a lot more money.
> They are not in it to help Linux or deliver BIOS with more features.
> They were are probably still are micoshaft's stooges holding
> back innovation in BIOS technology. Just as well, Google average share
> trading bigger than Micoshaft Corporation. Average $1.6 billion worth of
> shares trade in Google every day. Micoshaft just around $1.5 billion.
> Had they gone with google and brought out a Linux BIOS with
> integration possibilities for Andoid, just making the announcement
> alone would boost their company stocks.
> Linux is the thing to be seen with. Not yesterdays technology and
> yesterday's ideas.

Google is not a savour, but then again, it helps eliminate the company
that attacks Linux more than all others combined.

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