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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Senior Marketing Manager Explains "Tweet Assignments"

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Microsoft Senior Marketing Manager Explains "Tweet Assignments"
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 01:06:37 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Relief for Twitter Headaches

,----[ Quote ]
| Marcus Schmidt uses one called Tweet Assignments for his job as a 
| senior marketing manager at Microsoft Corp. He oversees two 
| company Twitter pages where consumers post about 300 questions and 
| comments a day. He says Tweet Assignments helps him generate swift 
| responses from the appropriate Microsoft employees by allowing him 
| to send consumers' tweets to colleagues instantly, without having 
| to copy them into email messages. The recipients can then respond 
| directly to consumers with tweets of their own or send responses 
| back to Mr. Schmidt.



Officethemovie â One to keep an eye on?

,----[ Quote ]
| Having looked at the account, IMO theres certainly room for suspicion and the
| account may be of interest to people who dont like the idea of FUD being
| spread at the expense of alternative to Microsoft products.
| What makes me suspicious is the fact that at the time of writing this they
| follow no people.


Microsoft on Twitter! Flanakin Microwalker on Windows 7!

,----[ Quote ]
| As regulars here are aware, in between commenting on tech issues, I do like
| to challenge comments which I think need clarity at the very least.  Heres
| Flanakin hes a senior development consultant for Microsoft and would like to
| tell you a few things about Windows 7:
| âwowâ the polish on Win7 RC is absolutely beautifulâ some small things are
| astoundingly better than the betaâ
| ârepaving my oldest machine with Win7 RCâ
| and whats the spec of this old PC? Two months old is it?
| [...]
| So I decided to give Flanakin Microwalkerâs site a visit.
| http://michaelflanakin.com/ heres a snippet of what he has to say there:
| âIâm an open source advocate, when it makes sense, and have a strong software
| engineering and architecture background.â


A strange one on Twitter - Or is it?

,----[ Quote ]
| For your enjoyment, heres a selection of their âgems of wisdomâ from Twitter:
| âStock Tips of the day. MSFT is releasing a new Xbox, Windows 7, cloud
| computing. Buy in now before the stock goes up! Way up!â
| âMicrosoft Stores to Include Games, Xbox Goodies, and Software! Investors
| love this! A hot BUY op!â
| âShow your support for #Microsoft by buying MSFT stocks.â
| âSecret tech stock that you must own right now. MSFT (#Microsoft)â
| âIâm buying MSFT stocks right now. My analysts forecast it at $24.â


Microsoft + Federated Media + Twitter = ExecTweets

,----[ Quote ]
| I was curious if there was more to the ExecTweets site than met the eye. Was
| Microsoft just paying for advertising/marketing mentions on Twitter?


Microsoft's PR agency releases Twitter trend-tracking tool

,----[ Quote ]
| A growing number of Softies are Twittering these days, as are members of
| Microsoftâs primary public-relations firm, Waggener Edstrom.
| Like many tech PR firms, WaggEd also monitors religiously Twitter trends
| involving its biggest client. On March 11, WaggEd went beyond simply
| monitoring tweets: It introduced a beta version of a software tool for
| monitoring and analyzing them.

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