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Re: [News] Microsoft Admits Vista Sucks, Vista 7 Might be Same

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Sunday 20 Sep 2009 02:29 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> High Plains Thumper on Saturday:
>>> My friends that have purchased laptops with Windows Vista
>>> haven't been too happy with it.  They bought a new computer,
>>> expecting sparkling performance over the old one under XP,
>>> only finding that Vista is a low performing slug.  Yes, they
>>> use it, but because of the Microsoft applications they
>>> purchased with it.
>>> With a company with all the monetary resources that
>>> Microsoft has, you would think that they would have provided
>>> a lean, mean high performance operating system that puts the
>>> pedal to the metal (a US phrase derived from one putting the
>>> gas pedal to the floor to get going in a hurry) along with
>>> the bells and whistles.
>>> Instead, it only performs decently on more expensive, high
>>> performance laptops.  They purchased the lower end laptops
>>> that were affordable.  If one wanted to spend money, would
>>> be better off with a Mac.
>>> Personally, I am not into bells and whistlery.  Hence why I
>>> don't run compiz fusion.  However, I tried the earlier Beryl
>>> in Ubuntu on a now low spec PC, and found it to be totally,
>>> "Wow!".  As Craig Ferguson puts it, "Why this is the
>>> greatest thing since curly fries!".
>>> Yes, Vista sucks.
>> KDE4 packaged these nicely.
> I am still using the default Gnome over KDE.  Yes, initially I
> liked KDE 1.0 because it was Windows 95 like, had comfortable
> look and feel.  Gnome wasn't quite the same, more like Unix
> Engineering Workstation feel.
> However, as time went on, Gnome has matured, Ubuntu has a good
> implementation of it.  I've gotten used to and comfortable with it.
> Purpose of the user interface is to interactively allow one to
> launch programs and switch between, etc.  Gnome is good enough
> for me.

KDE4 is worth trying alongside. 4.3 is really, really nice and shiny!

sudo apt-get install kde-desktop if you're on Debian/Ubuntu/other derivative. 

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