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Re: [News] More GNU/Linux Sub-notebooks Are Coming Shortly

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____/ 7 on Tuesday 22 Sep 2009 20:36 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> New Linux Moblin netbooks to be announced at IDF
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | A new Linux netbook based on Moblin will be introduced
>> | this week, and it may represent a new way that the Linux
>> | community is approaching the mass market.
>> `----
>> http://www.linuxworld.com/news/2009/092109-new-linux-moblin-netbooks-to.html?fsrc=rss-linux-news
> "Linux failed to retain its early lead in netbooks because it was trying to
> emulate Windows. "We were trying to win at their game. We in the Linux
> community are trying to be successful by mimicking what someone else is
> doing successfully. To me, that is a losing strategy," he said."
> There isn't even a grain of truth in that.
> I don't know of anyone with a bit of knowledge of Linux that wants
> it to look and function like a windummy machine.
> The problem originates with windump licensing.
> Manufacturers need to be more honest and discuss their licensing income
> from micoshaft marketing department and tell the Linux demanding
> vendors and Linux houses trying to break into the hardware market
> just what all the economics is that drives their world
> and ask Linux companies to oil the wheels so that they get more income
> Linux hardware companies have realistic numbers to work with so that they
> can work out the best deals to come back with.
> If some Taiwan factory opened their mouth and said they got x in back
> handers from micshaft marketing department, then Linux companies
> can be honest to themselves and to the factory owners and look for niche
> applications and price it correctly and give those factories the break
> they need to get more products to the shelves and earn more money
> from both Linux and whatever micoshaft is giving them in back handers.
> If they took the backhanders from micosahft corporation and tried to
> destroy Linux by following micoshaft dictates, then some
> other factory will get that SAME job. 3 million+ embedded Linux gadgets
> are sold PER DAY. Another factory WILL ALWAYS get the Linux job.
> The skill is to open another factory or set up a trading name
> and service Linux needs from that entity and be realistic with pricing so
> that Linux can bring in that extra revenue without allowing micoshaft
> marketing department spies to join up the dots and figure out
> you are making windump and Linux products.

Microsoft and others love rewriting history, don't they? The documents clearly show
what Microsoft did in sub-notebooks.

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