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[News] Patents Turn to Harvesting Fodder

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Bad Ideas: Trying To Build Patent Marketplaces


Patent Auctions Offer Protections to Inventors 

,----[ Quote ]
| The auction will be run by Pluritas, a patent broker based in 
| San Francisco. Robert Aronoff, its managing director, says 
| Zoltar has strong, court-tested patents that apply to a huge 
| industry, at a time when there is an increasingly brisk market 
| for intellectual property. âThey are entering into this vastly 
| changed marketplace with a hot property,â he said.



FFII: World Day preparations #ssp09 - answer like your minister

,----[ Quote ]
| September 24th software professionals around the world will
| celebrate the annual World Day against Software Patents. This
| year the Swedish EU Presidency happens to contributes a
| minister consultation to the #ssp09 celebrations with an aim to
| "[review] Community innovation policy in a changing world".


Trolls demanding tolls

,----[ Quote ]
| The market is still small but it is growing quicklyâby perhaps
| 20-30% a year, reckons Coller Capital, an investment firm that
| has snapped up, among other prizes, IBMâs portfolio of medical-
| device and health-care patents. Intellectual Ventures, based
| near Seattle, has spent a large chunk of the $5 billion it has
| raised from investors on buying patents; at the last count it
| had 27,000. Fortress, a big hedge-fund and private-equity
| group, is also active. Ron Epstein of iPotential, a patent-
| brokerage firm, says he is getting an ever-increasing volume of
| calls from hedge funds looking for patents related to mobile
| telecoms, medical equipment, biotechnology and the internet. He
| estimates that $4 billion-worth were bought and sold last year
| overall.

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