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Re: [News] Lily Allen Retreats After Trying to Talk for MAFIAA

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____/ Homer on Friday 25 Sep 2009 01:16 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> Lily Allen Distributing Tons Of Copyrighted Music; Blows Way Past
>> Three Strikes
> [...]
>> http://techdirt.com/articles/20090923/1409046297.shtml
> [...]
>> A Teaching Moment For Lily Allen [Update: And *Poof* Goes Her Blog]
> [...]
>> http://techdirt.com/articles/20090924/0241556300.shtml
> Not only her bog(sic), but her main site where she was "sharing" her
> "pirate" mixes of other people's music, has /also/ gone poof!
> "ERROR 503: Service Unavailable"
> http://www.lilyallenmusic.com
> ### Update ###
> A few minutes later, it's baaack ... with a subtle difference:
> "The requested URL /music/demos/csd23dsms7/LilyAllenMixTape2.mp3 was not
> found on this server"
> Apparently ol' Lily is burning the midnight oil, in a hurried frenzy to
> delete the incriminating evidence. LOL! Go girl!
> Related:
> [quote]
> Lily Allen Deletes Pro-Copyright Blog and Ends Career
> Written by Ernesto on September 24, 2009
> Yesterday it was revealed that, despite her calls for tougher
> anti-piracy legislation, Lily Allen herself created illicit mixtapes
> full of copyrighted music and made them available to the public. Today,
> after having rationalized why it is okay for her to pirate music, she
> killed her pro-copyright blog because âthe abuse was getting too much.â
> In a few dozen articles on her new blog, Lily Allen complained how
> illegal file-sharing is bankrupting the music industry. Unfortunately
> for her she forgot to remove some of her old mixtapes from
> LilyAllenMusic.com, which revealed that sheâs not the saint she claimed
> to be.
> However, just a few hours after we posted the article, Lily explained
> that sheâs not a pirate but simply didnât know any better.
> âI made those mixtapes 5 years ago, I didnât have a knowledge of the
> workings of the music industry back thenâ,â she responded.
> What she probably meant to say is that she had no clue about copyright
> before her income depended on it. Yet, she believes that every other
> person on this planet should know better, or get their Internet access
> cut off. Way to go girl.
> In fact, the old Lily from 5 years ago is not too different from the
> hundreds and thousands of casual file-sharers today. Copyright is a
> complex issue and the boundaries between right/wrong and illegal/legal
> are not always that clear. Instead of waging a war against file-sharers
> on the blog she could have tried to pass her knowledge about copyright
> on to the public.
> She chose to make it a soundboard for frustrated artists instead, which
> only resulted in negative reactions from the public up to a point where
> Lily couldnât take it anymore. Indeed, TorrentFreak read one posting on
> the site which had in excess of 100 comments â only 4 of which supported
> the singerâs position.
> âIâve shut down the blog, the abuse was getting too much,â she explained
> on Twitter a few minutes after she announced the end of her legendary
> music career.
> Just before she pulled the blog she wrote âI will not make another
> record,â adding âThe days of me making money from recording music has
> been and gone as far as Iâm concerned
> [/quote]
> http://torrentfreak.com/lily-allen-deletes-pro-copyright-blog-and-ends-career-090924/
> Yes dear, your days of making money from recording music are certainly
> over ... now that you've exposed yourself as a software "pirate" and
> hypocrite.
> Buh-bye.

She can make records /without/ the music industry. It would also give her more control.

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