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[News] Intellectual Monopoly Advocates Use Lies to Promote Agenda

  • Subject: [News] Intellectual Monopoly Advocates Use Lies to Promote Agenda
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 05:52:24 +0100
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Music Industry Copies Language Of Copyright Reformers In Pushing For Three Strikes

,----[ Quote ]
| Seriously:
|    "BT is clinging on to an old business model which is 
|    supported by illegal downloading. That's not only 
|    unfair to artists and creators, but penalises BT's 
|    many customers who use the internet legally," 
| This implies -- incorrectly -- that file sharing is 
| somehow a massive boon to ISPs. The very same ISPs who 
| keep claiming they need to use traffic shaping to 
| prevent any network from being overloaded by file 
| sharing. It's pretty ridiculous to claim that ISPs are 
| relying on file sharing as any sort of business model 
| at all.


Dan Bull - Dear Lily


New Zealand Author Claims Libraries Are Involved In Grand Theft By Loaning Books

,----[ Quote ]
| Edwards also seems fully enamored with the myth that 
| copyright law is based on some sort of "labor theory" 
| -- that the more time you put in, somehow the more 
| money you deserve to get out. While I'm unfamiliar with 
| New Zealand copyright law, in the US, such theories 
| have been widely discredited in the courts repeatedly. 
| And, of course, they make no sense when viewed 
| alongside the actual purpose of copyright law. Edwards 
| seems to believe that copyright is welfare for 
| creators, rather than an incentive to create. 



Music industry talks break down in illegal downloading row

,----[ Quote ]
| Many in the music business believe that the disunity,
| which has involved public spats between the FAC and
| artists such as Lily Allen, Abba and Muse, will derail
| Lord Mandelsonâs proposals, as the industry fails to
| present a united front.
| UK Music, the umbrella organisation for the whole music
| industry, has already dropped all mentions of
| disconnection from its public statements on the issue,
| in a desperate attempt to unite the industry. The
| consultation period for the plans ends in a weekâs time.

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