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[News] Free Software FUD Relies on Ignorance

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Secrecy Is A Stupid Way To Sell Software Security

,----[ Quote ]
| Nominum executive Jon Shalowitz's attempt to explain 
| what's "wrong" with BIND, however, is absolutely 
| priceless.
| I'll skip over Shalowitz's muddled claim that "open 
| source" equals "freeware" -- a whopper that he follows 
| with a disingenuous attempt to associate "freeware" with 
| "malware."



Murphy's Law: Sometimes, an Open-Source Virus is Just a Virus

,----[ Quote ]
| If you think about the actual definition of open-source
| for a moment, you'll wind up being as confused as I am
| about this latest bit of fad reporting to pass around the
| Web. According to an article from CNET, virus-makers are
| apparently transforming their wares into open-source
| projects and using the power of the group to achieve
| advancements in virus deployment, nasty features, and
| scanner obfuscation.
| That's all well and good (for the virus-makers), but
| that's as open-source a situation as an apple is an
| orange. What's being described is an example of
| collaboration and communication based around a common or
| to-be developed piece of code. That sounds like open-
| source--an apple and an orange are both pieces of fruit,
| after all. But that's not really open-source because we're
| ignoring the critical elements that help define what open-
| source software truly is. Virus-makers aren't going open-
| source in the slightest. They're spinning derivative works
| from older viruses and developing free code while holding
| hands and singing the Pirates of the Caribbean song, but
| that's it. And it's hardly a new fad.

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